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Claudio Minervino dies of illness

Claudio Minervino dies of illness

Claudio Minervino dies of illness

Claudio Minervino

“He left silently without hearing. It was like that.” Claudio Minervino left suddenly, after falling ill, while on vacation for a few days at Lamezia Terme. He had to return tomorrow to Milan where he currently lives.

Yesterday, however, he was hospitalized with a heart problem, and immediately went to intensive care, but there was nothing that could be done for him. Today, at six in the evening, he passed away. Minervino was 64 years old.

The founding father of Asd No Limits Lodi, in 2002, together with Alessandra Sana, allowed many disabled athletes to carry out competitive activities at the highest levels.

“Today we say goodbye to a piece of history, a piece of heart,” reads the association’s Facebook profile.

“It was the backbone of the Lombardy Special Olympics, Sana notes with a lump in his throat. He went away in silence, without saying a word, undisturbed, as it were. He has done a lot in both Lodi and Lombardy. His commitment was extraordinary. I want to remember him like this, with that picture of him smiling among the Special Olympics flags.”

«The projects in which I have been involved – adds Giovanni Baren to Powerful Fathers – without limits, at Arci, have been important: the passion he has put into him has always been all-encompassing. My daughter was in primary school in Pisani and I was taking my first steps in the field of disability. When he met his parents, I better understood the value of inclusion. We will miss him so much.”

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