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Guide to the World Championship, Canada card: Players nominated, not nominated and the potential surprise

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The ambitious target is to do better than in 1986. All about Canada: Team, regular lineup and advice for the World Championships

Canada, and more precisely its players, undoubtedly represent the real ones Outsiders of the tournament, as well as the World Championship. The history of the North American selection, which boasts the 1904 Olympic Games and two CONCACAF championships, won in 1985 and 2000, tells us that, in fact, it will be the second time in the World Cup. Before Qatar 2022, the only precedent dates back to a more unfortunate version of Mexico 1986. Adventure in that situation Canucks The Iron Group finished in the group stage with zero points and zero goals against capable opponents of the Soviet Union, France and Hungary. However, this year, the team practiced John Herdman After sweeping its group in the first qualifying round, eliminating Haiti in the following one and finally winning the championship in the third stage, it finished 28th with Mexico and reached the highest competition for countries ahead of the United States and Costa. Rica. Certainly an exciting and important path for a national team that is not used to this kind of stage, it will certainly do everything to honor the best of its talent. The Canadians dream of making it to the round of 16, despite knowing the value of Group F’s direct opponents Belgium, Croatia and Morocco.

Immediately Canada card for Qatar 2022 World Cup: The team’s squad, regular lineup, first round schedule and Tips for the World Championship.

Rose of Canada

Team Canada’s squad for the World Tour has been officially announced by John Herdman, who, like his colleagues, has released a firm list of 26 players heading to Qatar. Among them, they undoubtedly stand out Alphonsa DavisBayern Munich champions, e Stephen Eustace Del Porto announced the team’s stars. Red Star Belgrade’s goalkeeper has been added to them. Milan Borjan, is ready to defend his team’s pole position in this historic trip to Qatar. Calls are equally important Samuel PiattMontreal midfielder and team record holder with 64 tokens, as well Jonathan David And the captain Cyle LaurinStrikers who have established themselves on the Old Continent are Besiktas, Bruges and Lille respectively.

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Goalkeepers: Borgen (Red Star Belgrade), Pantemis (CF Montreal), St. Clair (Minnesota United);

Defenders: Adekugbe (Hatayspor), Johnston (CF Montreal), Cornelius (Panaitolikos), Laryea (Toronto FC), Miller (CF Montreal), Vitoria (Chaves), Waterman (CF Montreal);

Midfielders: Eustaquio (Porto), Fraser (Deinze), Hutchinson (Besiktas), Kaye (Toronto FC), Kone (CF Montreal), Osorio (Toronto FC), Piette (CF Montreal), Wotherspoon (St. Johnstone);

Forward: Buchanan (Bruges), Cavallini (Vancouver Whitecaps FC), David (Lille), Davies (Bayern Munich), Hoilett (Reading), Laurin (Bruges), Miller (Basel), Ugbo (Trois).

Canada’s typical formation: a compact and attacking 3-4-1-2

A block used in most matches played with John Herdman on the bench 3-4-1-2. The rearguard will base everything on the tenacity of two-thirds of Montreal’s defense, ie. Alistair Johnston And Kamala Miller. The midfield hinge was made up of the aforementioned Stephen Eustace and Samuel Piatt, supported by Alphonso Davies and the flanks. Richie Laurie of Toronto. Finally, behind the aforementioned attacking duo, who scored nearly 50 goals with the Canadian national team, the youngster will act. Ismail Kone of Montreal.

Canada (3-4-1-2): Borgen; Johnston, Miller, Vitoria; Lauria, Eustaquio, Piet, Davies; Cone; Laurin, David. All.: John Herdman

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Calendar of Canada

Canada has been drawn in Group F, as noted, along with Belgium, Croatia and Morocco. The first two of those mentioned, without a doubt, seem to be favorites for the next round, but the North Americans and North Africans will do everything to beat all predictions. As always, of course, the final judgment in this sense is up to the field.

The debut is scheduled for November 23 against battleship Belgium at 20:00, while the 27th at 17:00 will be the challenge against the treacherous Croatia. Canada’s group will then conclude on December 1st, this time at 16, with a match against Morocco’s Akraf Hakimi, which on paper shouldn’t qualify for the round, but in reality it won’t.

November 23 at 8:00 p.m Belgium-Canada (Roy)
November 27 at 5:00 p.m Croatia-Canada (Roy)
December 1st at 4:00 PM Canada-Morocco (Roy)

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Players Nominated for World Championship

  • Alphonso Davis: As mentioned, the Bayern Munich winger is a valuable piece of the Canadian team by posting openly and above all in terms of global fantasy. The twenty-two-year-old of Ghanaian descent is now one of the undisputed protagonists of the Bundesliga and Champions League, where he always guarantees top-level games, especially in attacking schemes. Especially prolific from an assist perspective and a bit short on goals, Davis could be a great acquisition without getting too swoony given his team’s high probability of being relegated to the group stage.
  • Jonathan David: Born in Brooklyn but a naturalized Canadian, Lilla is one of John Herdman’s fearsome young people in his cast. Having cut his teeth in the youth division and first team at Gent in Belgium, the French club bet on him to replace Osimhene at the age of twenty and the investment amply paid off with 41 goals and 8 assists. Competitions. Comparable performance to jersey Canucks, through which he hit the target 22 times. It can also be a good thing Low cost.
  • Syllaine Laurin: For Striker born in 1995 this also applies to sector partner. Above all, the experience gained in Europe with Besiktas, a team where he scored 39 goals and provided 9 assists, was certainly crucial in his only one appearance in the history of North American selection at a tournament as prestigious as the World Cup. Of all the players called up, Laurin is the top scorer for the national team, with 25 and 6 goals in Qatar 2022 qualifiers. In light of the above, if Davis and David are nominated for the World Championship, he is even more.

Players are not nominated for the World Championship

  • Milan Borgen: In his native Serbia, the goalkeeper rose to stardom wearing the Red Star jersey, collecting numerous caps. Clean sheets Decisive interventions to help your team win important trophies. However, the fact that Canada is a serious candidate to grace the tournament already in the group stage, in light of what has been said to the nominated players, certainly does not speak in favor of investing in him in goal. To this should be added only the fines which can be avoided by having to face the “guns” of Belgium and Croatia.
  • Samuel Piatt: For the Montreal midfielder, in addition to all the comments he’s made for his teammates, it’s also true that he hasn’t fared well in terms of bonuses. Playing a role that keeps him out of the door definitely affects, but at the same time not too much. opportunities In order to sustain itself in the long run, the team’s average line-up for World Fantasy had better include the elements most useful to the cause.
  • Lucas Cavallini: The nearly thirty-year-old Vancouver Whitecaps striker would, in theory, have a very respectable curriculum vitae, having always been consistent in terms of record with the South American and MLS clubs he has played for and at the same time with the national team. , he recorded 17 career centers. However, to his disadvantage, his teammates have all the reasons for the suspension to play, and above all he has two players with more international experience ahead of him who, barring injuries or unforeseen events, will play everything. Matches of the competition.
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A potential surprise for the World Championship

  • Ismail Kone: Among the short list of many young and promising profiles, the Montreal attacking midfielder is certainly one of the most interesting. 2022, in particular, was his consecration year in MLS, as he was able to make an important contribution to his team and find the first goals and first assists among professionals, 3 and 5 respectively. Qatar 2022 can undoubtedly be the most important showcase to showcase all one’s talents and one day follow in the footsteps of one’s compatriots who have established themselves abroad.

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