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Canada’s thrilling success – RSI Swiss Radio and Television

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Canada had to fight back a bit as they beat Kazakhstan 6-3. The Maple Leaf team, Group A’s and Switzerland’s next challengers at the World Cup, started the match after 2’25 ‘, leaving the first goal in Bedouin’s hands. However, it only took a few minutes for the Canadians to level the score, despite the Kazakhs’ second goal and the first half ending early. During the second half, Severson scored 4-2 for Julian. Despite Savitsky’s third goal in the last three, the North Americans found the net practically ending the game, with the result that Cosens was a luxury. Canada won 3 more points and topped the standings behind Switzerland.

After a delay of a few hours, Germany beat Denmark 1-0 in the other match of Group A as the Helsinki Ice Hall evacuated the public and players by an electric cable. Michaelis’ only goal of the match was a 32’41 ” in the powerplay, which gave his team 3 more valuable points and allowed them to move up to 3rd place ahead of Danes in the rankings.

Victory for the United States and the Czech Republic

In Group B, on the other hand, due to Myers ‘goal and Bellows’ brace, the United States beat Great Britain 3-0 at the last classified moment. Thus the Americans retain the third place. A deserving victory for the Czech Republic saw Mersligins beat Latvia (converted after the first half) 5-1. In just 19, the Czech scored 5 goals against the Latvians, the second goal was scored by Cervenca’s center in Rappersville, finishing 4th in Norway’s loss.

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