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A killer or a hero? Kyle Rittenhouse’s new life after acquittal –

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From Massimo Gaggi

On 17, he killed left-wing activists in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with a semi-automatic rifle. A year later, acquitted, guest of honor at far-right rally: A confirmation of the decadence of debate in America

NEW YORK – A month ago, The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is over, the little boy who in August 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Two left-wing activists were killed A third was wounded, claiming to have acted in self-defence, and many feared violence would break out, whatever the punishment. Sentence A young man who at the time of the murders was probably still a minor Make Rittenhouse a martyr In the eyes of America, which considers its right to arm itself sacred.
The risk of acquittal causes riots among left-wing activists
and civil rights organizations.

at the end Rittenhouse acquitted And the squares on the left protested and did not rise up. Televisions broadcast her tears during the trial as she cried during those tragic hours. Many argued that acquittal A killer who had gone to demonstrations with a semi-automatic weapon slung over his shoulder sets a dangerous precedent. But the jury decided to believe in the threats and recognized it as a legitimate defense. Cale, moved, claimed to have been overwhelmed by events Not to be politically motivated and, in fact, to be a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. He promised to disappear.

This is not exactly how it went. Monday in Phoenix, Arizona,
Kyle was the guest of honor at Turning Point USA, a gathering that included thousands of far-right activists
. He stepped onto the stage amid a riot of fireworks accompanied by deafening rock music, to a standing ovation from the 6,700 attendees who chanted slogans like you’re our hero. Kyle didn’t hold backInstead of grateful for the acquittal, he said he was a victim of government persecution and described the process as an attack on the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the amendment that defends the right of all citizens to arm themselves.

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Then a threat warning to the press: Kyle keeps taking legal action against the media that, he claims, have insulted him. The fact that the killing of protesters – whatever the circumstances and motives – comes It glorifies an inherently frightening political stage. Confirmation of the decline of controversy in America and the emergence of violent impulses. Were it not for the rule that requires a minimum age of 25 to be elected as a Member of Parliament, Kyle would probably already be a candidate for a seat in Congress today.

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