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The Italian Super Cup, the United States and Canada are also candidates

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Not just that United Arab Emirates. Reported by Tutosport The agreement with Saudi Arabia (which ends with a match between Milan and Inter next winter) will also allow North America to host the Italian Super Cup final starting with the 2023/24 season.

Lega Series A has expressed a lot of interest United States He was born Canada. Of these, New York, Boston, Miami and Montreal are interested in hosting the dry final, but not the final four, preferring to do the UAE instead.

Emirates has already submitted its offer 22 million euros per season For five years with a new formula that follows the model used in Spain. For this reason, economic proposals received from foreign countries are apparently low.

However, on the other hand, one has to consider the business opportunities that can be exploited on American soil. With the opening of a branch in New York and the recent words of Charlie Stildano, who wants to bring the summer competition with four leading Italian clubs to the United States, it is clear that he wants to strengthen his presence in the Serie A region.

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