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Godzilla vs Kong, a tweet hiding an idea of ​​an upcoming movie?

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Godzilla vs. Kong It was released last year and fans of both Titans are wondering if and when a new part of the franchise will arrive. Now a recent tweet from the official Godzilla account seems to be fueling hopes and indicating that the upcoming movie isn’t far off.

As you can see in the tweet below the news, in the official profile of Godzilla he appeared clock picture, but for fans it could be more than that – a sign of a new movie on the way.

Taking a closer look at the photo, it looks like it came from From the most classic Godzilla movie, Which could just mean the arrival of a freshly remastered movie like the last one Original Godzilla from 1954 Released in 4K. Note that this photo is from the official Toho account of Godzilla And it’s not from any of the profiles connected to MonsterVerse, so speculations follow each other.

When Akito Takahashi, Head of Project Development at TOHO, was asked about the future of Godzilla films, he answered Collider: “There may be something coming from Japan, there may be something from the United States, there may be cooperation, We are not sure. We’re excited to find out too“.

Waiting to know more we leave you with us Godzilla vs Kong match reviewLet us know in the comments what you think about it Image encryption Shared on social media!

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