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Curling, World Cup: Italy lose to Canada, but beat New Zealand to make it three – FISG

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TO Sandviken (Sweden) Third day Women’s World Cup Off Curling.

l’ItalyIt is collected two times between Saturday and Sunday successes (against Turkey and South Korea) and suffered failure (from Germany), returned to the ice to try his hand in the fourth and fifth games.

In the morning Stephanie Constantine (Golden Fire), Martha desert (yellow flames), Angela Rome (yellow flames) e Giulia Zardini Lacedelli (Curling Club Dolomiti) challenged Canada Avoid Kerri Einarson.

The competition started with Great balance. In fact, the score was even after three ends 1-1. The North Americans stole a hand in the fourth set, but Azuri leveled 2-2 At the turning point.

Following that, the Canadians took over towards the wind. After scoring two points in the sixth end, they held the Italians to nil in the seventh set and managed to steal the eighth end. under 2-5Italy found itself in a very difficult situation and finally capitulated 2-7.

In the evening the blue quartet faced off instead New Zealand Except for Jessica Smith. The start was good, with two points first entering the second set and then the opposition pushed to close the gap in the fourth end. Yet, a stolen hand from New Zealand, it went into mid-game in complete parity (2-2)

Italy knew Raise the limit. After coming back in front in the sixth end, the breakthrough came in the seventh set, where Constantini and his teammates stole a hand from two points to put themselves up. 5-2. The Blues limited the damage in the eighth end and were in front after that 5-3.

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It looked over, but the Italians suffered two consecutive stolen hands that dragged the match out.Additional result. Here, on the contrary, the advantage of the last stone is exploited. This resulted in a hard-fought victory 6-5Third in five games.

Here the classification Round Robin.

Tomorrow theItaly He will participate in two more matches. vs. starting at 9.00 p.m DenmarkAt the same time 19.00 Scotland.

Here the project hey Results Throughout the tournament.

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