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Space for the second rows to challenge the Italian Cup

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the Cagliari Tomorrow he will play in the Italian Cup round of 16 match against… Milan At San Siro starting at 9pm.

As Mr. said RanieriIt will be an opportunity to see the “second rows” on the field due to the next match in the tournament on Saturday, January 6 at Villa del Mare against LycheeValid for Day 19 of the Italian League.

Let's try to make a hypothesis about the formation and module to challenge against Milan.

in the goal Radonovichthe last match in the Italian Cup against Udinese on November 1. De Pardo To the right. In the middle, a triple poll of the two shirts: Witska, Obert And Hatzidiakos. On the left it must be confirmed Azzi Go ahead Ogello (Yesterday is still in the differential) Who would like to return to the starting lineup in the match against Lecce.
The middle line consists of: MacomboHe missed the Empoli match due to suspension. Sulaymana Come and play and the ballot remains between them Juncto (Favorite Diola. It should return to the trocar Mancuso From the beginning with Luvomboclose to leaving for the African Cup of Nations, before that Oristanio.
The central point between them is a single stitch Our petagna, Lapadula And Pavolity. It's hard to assume PereiroHowever, it is possible that he will come on during the ongoing match as already happened in the Coppa Italia match against Udinese on November 1.

Possible formation (4-3-1-2); Radonovich. De Pardo, Hatzidiakos, Vitiska, Azzi; Makombo, Suleimana, Junktu; Mancuso; Luvombo, Petajna.

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ballot papers;
Hatzidiakos-Obert 51%-49%
Vitiska-Obert 51%-49%
Yankto-Diola 51%-49%
Mancuso Pereiro 70%-30%
Luvombo-Oristanio 55%-45%
Petagna-Pavoletti-Lapadula 34%-33%-33%

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