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Italy dreams, but loses in extra time to Poland – OA Sport

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An epic and unfortunate match for the Italian women’s team The World Championships Ice Hockey Division I – Group B is in progress at the Guntur Arena in Katowice (Poland). The hosts, in fact, forget the Blues with a 5-4 score after overtimeAt the end of the game, it all happened.

At this stage group order He sees China at the top with 12 points compared to 11 for Poland. Italy moved with the point won this evening to third place, followed by Kazakhstan, South Korea and Slovenia all with three points.

Poland – Italy 5-4 after overtime: After a very balanced first half, at 19:10, Blue opened the match. Roccella takes care of scoring 1-0 with a pass from Caumo. In the second half, we start with Poland, which immediately returns to a 1-1 draw with Pozniewska’s goal with the help of Chernica. Italy’s response came immediately with Forlani who scored 2-1 in the 28:43 minute with a pass from Matifi.

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Poland did not give up an inch and focused on the equalizer before the end of the first half, with Wiecorek scoring a pass from Gogok. We got to the third inning and the blue team put their noses forward with Apatangelo who, in 48:11, scored 3-2 with a pass from Matzuchi. The match gave a lot of emotions and the Poles equalized with Korkuz’s goal with a pass from Lapis in the 51:04 minute.

The hosts did not take their feet off the gas pedal and took the lead 4-3 in the 53:02 minute with a pass from Pozniuska. Italy responds to a hit hit 4-4 with Matvey with help from Ruccella and take on overtime. The fight is tight, but Poland hit the net by the minute.

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Credit: © Diego Barbieri/FISG

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