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Roller Hockey – In September two championships at the highest level in Palapregnolato: Paolo Sala Memorial and Paolo Torazzo

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It will not be trivial at all, Engas Vercelli’s approach to the Serie A1 2022/23; Before the debut, scheduled for Saturday 17 September at the Grosseto circuit, nerogialloverdi will test their “consistency” (as well as that of some competitors) in two tournaments organized on their original track, PalaPregnolato in the Isola region, scheduled for September 3 and 10.

“These are – as Vice-President Alves Racciopi explains – a monument dedicated to the special people of the sport of Vercelli and the city of Vercelli; the first, scheduled for Saturday 3 September, is the “Paolo Sala Memorial” which will see the participation of champions as well as Ingas, Forte dei Marmi and Monza. A match will be played Triangular with matches of a total duration of 30 minutes divided into two mini-parts of 15 minutes each It is a formula that we actually tested last summer and had great success among the audience, so we re-proposed it. The selection Montebello will definitely participate, a young and constantly developing club like ours, against whom we have played some of the most difficult matches of the entire season. As for the third team, we have decided to bring a high-ranking foreign club to the city. We have contacted many clubs and, at the moment, more The clubs heading to consider our proposal are the Portuguese clubs Barcelos and Sporting Lisbon, which should give us an answer soon.”

Thus, there are two very important laths, which provide presence on the track of clubs of absolute value not only at the national level but also at the European level. “We have tried, as always – as always – Honorary President Gianni Torazzo notes – to honor in the best possible way the memory of two young men who have pioneered the sport of Vercelli. The only regret is that they were forced in the race to change the championship formula dedicated to Paolo Torazo. Originally we had envisaged the event with the clause that it would be played against the winning team of the previous tournament (12 months ago it was Amatori Lodi) but this year it was not possible.In this case we had to face Tressino, who, however, would not be available in those days , where he participates in the first round of the European Champions League. Unfortunately, the world championships to be held in November in Argentina have turned the calendars, anticipating the start of all European championships and cups.”

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European Cups that will also see Vercelli angus among the champions who, on this occasion, have every intention of wearing a good dress. “While the championship uniform will remain the same as last year’s – as Vice President Piero Mentasti said – we are evaluating the possibility of creating an entirely new uniform to be worn in European matches. As our company has always shown a strong sense of belonging to its territory, and given the fact that the th anniversary 170 Birth of Ovest Sesia, the largest irrigation association in the region, we have decided to dedicate knitting in Cavour. Hockey Vercelli is a privilege, like our rice and water, and we want to show that we can proudly carry the name of our city throughout Europe.”

There is also great interest in the youth sector, whose activity is now finally on the platform. “With our teachers – confirms Racciopi – Francesca and Laura Mognon, we were present at many summer centers in the city such as those in Christian Schools in Canada, Prittineti School and Santo Spirito School. We teach many boys and girls to ski; learning to ski properly is the first and essential step in playing hockey, and the next step will be taken by Enrico Zucchiati, who will show the young children how to use the stick.Despite all efforts and goodwill, we unfortunately expect to have many difficulties with the activity of young people;there are not enough hours in the gym and it was very useful Having an outdoor skating rink to allow children to breathe freely on the skates and make them passionate about skating. We have submitted a request a long time ago for such a solution, but have not received any response so far. We hope the situation will be resolved in a short time…”

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