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Gilbert thinks players no longer want to get frustrated with puzzles –

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what will mystery From Back to Monkey Island? Ron Gilbert, the author of the game and the father of the series tried to explain the philosophy followed during development, talking about players who no longer wanted to be. FrustratingThat is, being stuck in a puzzle for days.

Gilbert: “I think it’s fair to challenge the audience, but the challenge is fair. The challenge doesn’t have to come from making things unintelligible. I’ve talked to people who have played Monkey Island 1 and 2 recently and that was it. Complaining about puzzles, it’s one of the main complaints The problem is not that there are puzzles or that they are too difficult, but they are not well organized. […] I don’t want the games to be too difficult for the players. I want them to enjoy playing and following the story.”

One of the problems, according to Gilbert, is that sensitive The direction of the puzzles was different: “We were new, the puzzles were new and the adventures new. The rules were not well defined and the audience was very different at that time.”

“You always want fun and challenging puzzles, but I think people can’t stand the frustration anymore. People have a lot of media options now, from TV to movies to video games. When the first game came out. Monkey Island, there were five or Ten games at the same time. Now it’s five hundred. They want to play, but they don’t want to get frustrated.”

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