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Youth football, Gabichi Gradara: Iachini students have an end-of-year buzz

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In the redemption game against the Paul Cagli Associates, they won 8-0


Gabichi Marie
| 18:22 – December 31, 2022

Gabicce Gradara Student Team
Gabicce Gradara Student Team.

Only Gabicce Gradara’s Alliević will be on the field this week for a make-out match.

the students

Gabiche Gradara – Pol. Cagli Sport Association 8-0

Coach Iachini’s disciples were on the field all year round in a friendly match they dominated without taking any risks. After several failed chances finally in the 25th minute, Pattarakia managed to move Maggie Samuel and crossed Maggie Filippou who made no mistake 1-0 in front of the goalkeeper. In the 33rd minute, the ball was from Bergamini to Maggi Filippou who fired Sarli on the other side who beat the full-back with a kick: 2-0.

2′ of the second half a cross from Magi Samuele headed in Magi Filippo’s header for 3-0; In the 17th minute, Sarli jumped the man, walked to the goal, passed a cross to Maggie Samuel, who sent his shot over the crossbar and the ball returned to his head, and this time he did not miss, making it 4-0. In the 31st minute, Semprini breaks free from the edge of the area and fires a shot into the net: 5-0. In the 34th minute, Bergamini jumps the man in the area, but he falls: the referee assigns the penalty kick, which Bergamini himself does not miss: 6-0.

In the 37th minute, Sciuto released Mopope with a counterattack, the ball bounced off Bergamini’s feet, who gave it back again to Mopope, who this time fired into the goal. 7-0. In the 38th minute, a counterattack from Della Costanza, the ball went to Bergamini who put the final 8-0 up in favor of Maggi Filippou to score.

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Next match Gabice Gradara – Atlético Gallo (Day to be decided: Saturday 7 or Sunday 8 at 11).

Gabes Gradara: Nobile, Boccalini (37’st Pontellini), Del Bene (35’st. Rossi Giacomo), Sciuto, Rossi Manuel, Semprini, Magi Samuele (23’st Mboup), Pataracchia (31’st. Guidi), Bergamini (39′ Sant Bastianelli), Sarli (31’st della Costanza). everything.

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