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Announcing the Xbox Twenty Years Anniversary Celebration Event for the Brand –

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L ‘Xbox Anniversary Celebration It will take place on Monday 15 November 2021 at 19:00, Italian time. that it Event Organized by Microsoft to celebrate i Twenty years of the Xbox brand, then with memories gleaned from the history of the brand and consoles produced by the home of Redmond.

Xbox Anniversary Celebration, Official Logo

The broadcast will be broadcast on all official Xbox channels: YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. It will be translated into many languages, includingItalian. The most efficient way to select your preferred language is by going to The official Xbox channel on YouTube.

we are from We’ll be following the event live, commenting on everything that will be shown in real time, on our Twitch channel. So follow the action with us!

In terms of content, it is difficult to say what will be shown. Being a festive event, let’s expect regular interviews and materials, with some curiosity about the Xbox world. In terms of new games, let’s not expect anything, although something from Halo Infinite may be shown, given the game’s imminent launch and the significance of the Master Chief franchise to Xbox history. Phil Spencer will certainly be present, and as it was announced, there will be discounts on Xbox products and there will be new merchandise associated with the brand.

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