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“Sulley Sorge is the only one who would do something significant on TV”

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The Big Brother Vip columnist pays tribute to Sulli’s career and personality.

Soleil rise He was the undisputed star in the sixth edition of big brother vip. Although it did not arrive the last As she had hoped, the beautiful Italian-American influencer, with her outspoken and sometimes arrogant personality, conquered everyone and managed to always keep attention on her way home.

Sonia Bruganelli by Soleil Sorge

During the last episode of big brother vipWelcome Alfonso Signorini The great protagonist of this version of the reality showor Soleil. His journey was very powerful and intense, which managed to capture the attention of all Canale 5 viewers. Among them are alsoColumnist Sonia Bruganelli.

TheColumnist at Gf Vip In fact, he posted a story on Instagram praising the character and the path he took he goes up at home: “I really appreciate Soleil Sorge’s strength and consistency. I also believe that she is the only person who will be able to do something significant on TV”. Indeed, according to the latest news indiscretionthe beautiful influencer must participate in Remake of La Pupa and The Nerdy Show by Barbara d’Urso.

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“The third judge is a secret right now, because we have to see if he’ll accept the proposal. If it’s Sully Sorge?” Barbara Dorso announced to Verissimo “At the moment she is inside the Big Brother Vip house, if she makes it to the final I will tell her everything at 2 am”. Soleil It would really be the third columnist from the program? we will see.

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