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A new oil, between art, culture and science: here is Raffaello 1483 by Fattoria Petrini – News Jesi – CentroPagina

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Milan – A new oil was born, between art, culture and science, with the name Raphael Sanzio Among the Marche Hills that inspired LArtist of harmony and beautyBorn in Urbino in 1483.
he is called “Raphael 1483” It is produced by Petrini farmIt is a family run farm Monte San Vito (AN) It has been producing high-quality organic olive oils for three generations, for example One of the pioneers of health culture associated with oil.

After being granted a patent for the world’s first “functional” oil in 2005, it became “Petrini Plus”, Enriched with vitamins D3, K1 and B6, which promote the absorption and fixation of calcium in the bones, Fattoria Petrini is now on the market. New product protected by international patent: “Raffaello 1483”, extra virgin olive rich in vitamins D, B6 and B12 that promote psychosomatic well-being.

Exit happens On the 540th anniversary of the birth of Raphaeland in honor of the great Urbino, one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance.
It will be presented in Milan by Francesca Petriniwho runs the family business with his brother Cristiano, on the occasion of Edition No. 12 of the Olio Officina Festivalthe great international event dedicated to extra virgin olive oil and “seasonings of taste and mind” taking place from 2 to 4 March 2023 at the Palazzo delle Stelline.
During the event, “Raffaello 1483” oil was used. He will receive two gold awards In the “Gourmet Oils” and “Milk” categories In the international competition “Forme dell’olio”An award that promotes the most beautiful, innovative and efficient packaging and design offerings applied to oils and seasonings. To receive the awards will be Francesca Petrini, Friday 3 March at 16 in Sala Leonardo.

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Saturday March 4th at 4pm, Sala LeonardoHe will talk about Francesca Petrini “Oil is culture. Oil is health.” An opportunity to talk about the Raffaello 1483 project.
After Milan’s debut, the new oil will be presented at the Marche at “typical festival”, scheduled a Stopped from March 11th to 13thand thus he will leave on a national tour to say, among other things, in art and science museumsIn the Birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio in Urbinoit’s at Pollica (SA), Birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet.

“Raphael 1483” It is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from organic olives grown in the hills of Monte San Vito, harvested and pressed after a few hours in the family mill, to ensure the highest quality of the product.
Laboratory research and company knowledge It made it possible to enhance the beneficial properties of EVO oil by increasing the content of nutrients and vitamins that play an essential role in bone mineral metabolism, muscle tone, blood pressure regulation, hormonal metabolism, and mental health. Vitamin D actually contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of calcium in the blood and to the physiological absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal regulation of hormonal activity and, together with Vitamin B12, is beneficial to the normal function of the immune system. Finally, vitamin B12, in addition to being useful in cases of deficiency or reduced dietary intake, contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue.

Thanks to its formula, “Raffaello 1483” is Suitable for everyone But it lends itself particularly well to consumption In periods of fatigue, stress or convalescenceIn the case of poor diets or devoid of food of animal origin, as in the case of Vegetarian diet. At the olfactory level, Raffaello 1483 evokes the herbal aromas that make up the fruitiness of fresh olives, with a pleasant sense of tomato. In terms of taste, it develops a pleasant spicy flavour, slightly bitter and hints of almond. It is a very balanced oil, also suitable for delicate dishes and particularly suitable for raw uses.
It is marketed in 1- and 1-pint bottles and will be distributed through various retail channels, including online, pharmacies, and herbalists.

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The picture of extra virgin olive oil “Raffaello 1483” was created by Gaia Salvi, a student at Poliarte in Ancona, as part of a collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

there Petrini farm Is a family-run farm producing organic extra virgin olive oil, on the hills of Monte San Vito in the Marche region of the province of Ancona where it has its own olive groves and oil mill for the exclusive processing of its olives. Controlling the entire production chain is an essential element of undisputed assurance to the consumer, who cares most about quality in every aspect. Once picked, the olives are ground within a few hours and cold pressed in order to ensure maximum freshness of the final product in full compliance with hygiene rules. The company’s oils are produced according to the standards of organic farming, controlled and certified by the CCPB since 1993. Fattoria Petrini has always paid special attention to the research in full compliance with environmental rules and the preservation of the original organoleptic properties of the product using the best and more modern extraction techniques in order to guarantee Maximum hygiene and food safety. Stimulated by observing certain facts related to human physiology and encouraged by the experience gained in the olive field, in 2005 the company created the world’s first “functional” extra virgin olive oil, PETRINI plus®, enriched with vitamins D3, K1 and B6 to enhance the absorption and fixation of calcium in the bones. Many awards and recognitions have been awarded to the Petrini farm over the years in Italy and abroad, including Ercole Olivario, Orciolo d’Oro, Terraolivo, Der Feinschmecker, etc. the

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Together with Francesca Petrini, the company represented the Marche region at Expo 2015 in Milan, and was awarded the IGP MARCHE recognition for the oils produced.

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