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Gas, Berlin is getting turbines for Nord Stream 1 from Canada. Zelensky fires Ukrainian ambassador to Germany

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The Canada Decided to withdraw Turbines destined for the Russian pipeline Nord Stream at Germany to overcome the energy crisis with RussiaDespite the pleas ofUkraine Not to “submit”. Intimidation Kremlin “. In Berlin, fears of a total standstill gas The arrival from Russia is becoming more and more certain day by day. After the alarm raised by businessmen, Germany’s economy minister, Robert HabeckSaid: “You have to prepare worse And great work”. Something in the relations between the German government and Volodymyr Zelensky However it changes again. On Saturday, the President decided to remove messengers Extraordinary and absolute powers of Ukraine in five countries: Germany, Hungary, Norway, Czech Republic and India. Among diplomats there is indeed Andrey MelnikAmbassador to Germany several times He criticized German authorities due to the slowness of supply Weapons To Ukraine. German weekly Der Spiegel issued a statement Two heated phone calls Between Zelensky and the President in April Frank-Walter Steinmeier: Tensions at the time were fueled by Ambassador Melnyk. In the current situation, this seems to be a signal that Kiev wants to avoid Other tears with Berlin.

The Turbines At the center of international litigation are currently found in workshops Siemens Group nearby Montreal, in Quebec. “Canada will issue a revocable, time-limited permit to allow Siemens turbines. Nord Stream 1 Repaired and supported for return to Germany Europe’s potential to access Reliable power And CheapCanada’s Minister of Natural Resources said. Jonathan Wilkinson. who later added: “Without the necessary supply Natural gas The German economy will have very significant difficulties and the Germans cannot afford it Warm up Their homes as winter approaches”.

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Germany already has to reduce the flow of incoming gas Nord Stream 1. According to the Moscow version, this is precisely due to technical problems: Gazprom explains that 60% work due to the absence of a pipeline. Turbine SiemensIt is however under the rule Obstacles Practically can not send to Russia. Kiev fears Berlin could succumb to what it calls “blackmail”. Vladimir Putin, excluding restrictions. For its part, the German government has to deal with the immediate stoppage of the flow of Nord Stream 1, which in theory should last. 10 daysFor a maintenance Regular.

An interruption in the making More tensions: “Anything is possible, anything can happen, gas can return to a flow Above To the one before”, Habeck always said. In an interview, the minister stressed that savings and savings “will help us avoid the political situation”. the dream“Because of the lack of gas. If this situation turns out to be true, Habeck admits that it will trigger a debate that will affect “my ministry and my person”. “It will put Germany before a test that we have not endured for many years,” he repeated, which will lead to the limitation ” Social cohesion“. That’s why the German government has already started.A move Integrated“To initiate a dialogue with social partners.

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