September 28, 2023

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“We will deny Ukraine,” but President Zelensky is a Jew

“It is not clear – for example writes The Times of Israel in an article titled ‘Attack Ukraine, Putin calls for ‘dishonesty’ of a state with a Jewish leader’ – what exactly the Russian president was referring to in his letter Allegations about Nazism. The Russian media has repeatedly tried to portray Ukraine as Allied with the NazisWith no evidence to support these claims.”

Other media also indicate that in addition to the president, former Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, who was in office at the beginning of Zelensky’s term, is also a Jew, and this circumstance made Ukraine The only country except for Israel that has a Jewish president and prime minister.

Meanwhile, the official account of the Ukrainian state on Twitter also responded to the Kremlin’s statements by posting Cartons in which Adolf Hitler gently caressing Putinsuggesting that those with a close connection to the German dictator are not Ukraine but the Russian president.

President Zelensky himself, on Twitter, stressed that “Russia treacherously attacked us this morning, as Nazi Germany did in the years of World War II.”

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