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Millie D’Abraccio, remember the queen of the red light movies? How is he and how does he live today at 56 – Libero Quotidiano

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Millie D’Abraccio, red light movies icon , today , a 56 yearsThey say “Now Not interested in sex Because they have finally reached menopause “and to make men want to get away, perhaps the only way is to castrate them, as happens with small dogs who are in good shape afterward,” he stated in an interview with taken from Dagosbya. But when we ask her about her profile escort, as it appears to be progressing so far Paid Services, he welcomes us without frills, ”writes the interviewer.” Just that was enough to call her from another number a little later to find out details and prices for those who would like to live out a dream (and a bit of an old school) experience with one icon of ’90s porn stars. seeing is believing”.

D’Abraccio does not want to comment on the allegations billie eilish To the porn world, “I don’t really care about porn I don’t care anymore. I say this honestly. It is now a thing of the past for me. Are we still talking about it? But I am no longer part of the difficult world and I thank God that I am in menopause. So I no longer have that kind of problem with sex.”

Interview closed, “A few hours later and from another number, we pretended to be a potential client and found out that this business of yours is in fact going on unabated,” says the journalist who said he called her on the phone: “Hi, hey, I called her after seeing her ad on E .Score for you And I wanted to ask her if a meeting might be arranged.” And Millie,” without much frills, gets straight to the point: “Would you have wanted to do it by me or by you?”. 650 euros per hour. If you want to do 2 hours it is 1000 euros. A little expensive, not for everyone but…”.

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