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G20 in Bali, Meloni asks Biden for a “discount” on gas. And he might promise: I’ll take care of him –

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From Marco Galluzzo sent to Bali

The President of the United States: “Congratulations Georgia, you are the only woman here.” He expresses the hope that Italy will not have the wavering positions of other previous governments on China (such as the one led by Conte, who signed the Silk Road Memorandum)

She arrived relieved and happy: she broke the ice at another international forum, and her speech at the G-20 received at least two public compliments, those of the President of South Africa and the Prime Minister of Canada (“On health-related files he told her “It’s been a long time since you weren’t on the scene”) Trudeau). He arrives at the meeting more than satisfied with the confrontation with the Chinese leader the day before, still driven by the outcome. midterm elections: “Dear Georgia, first of all I congratulate you, you deserve it because you are, first of all, the only woman at the men’s table.” They talk for an hour Giorgia Meloni and Joe Biden. With the help of the staff, but mainly face to face, in English, without the need for translation, touching all the files planned: China, Ukraine, the energy crisis, bilateral relations.

Perhaps the two most intense moments of their face-to-face confrontation: the first is when the Prime Minister asks the President of the United States for his hand in supplies and Gas prices The liquid that arrives in Italy is from American companies. They are private, but one moral pressure Biden will not be indifferent. Meloni asks, and Biden assures: “I promise I will take care of it, and I will try to meet the needs of your country.” But if the prime minister puts the burden of the global crisis on the table with the ally, which has thrown itself upon our country with great economic consequences, then the American president also has something to ask for, or in any case, to register with the ally. Italian. While it guarantees continuity in foreign policy, while acknowledging its merits in being an “excellent ally,” the White House tenant is not only keen to recount his conversation with Xi Jinping, but also to express the hope that Rome will have no more hesitation. The positions of other previous governments, particularly those he leads Joseph ContiWho signed the Silk Road Memorandum.

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On this point, the two leaders’ logic runs along parallel tracks: China is a primary trading partner, but it is also a systemic threat. Biden has helped rebuild some of America’s impoverished supply chains since thenmade in China
Meloni made us part of the campaign on this topic. Thus, there is a common position around which they meet: “We must find a way to compete without exacerbating the situation, without exacerbating misunderstandings.” The climate, at least for those involved in the meeting, is sometimes that of two old allies. The show and also some shadows from the previous weeks, Those cold comments by Biden on the outcome of the Italian elections, are minor elements: the first lasts a few moments, with greetings from the chief; There is no room for misunderstanding, and there is no reason to remember her. If anything, Biden is happy to thank our country for the military assistance it provides to Kyiv, while making sure to update our head of government on his administration’s latest assessments of the situation in Ukraine. openings shown Xi JinpingWhich Meloni will see on Tuesday shortly before her return to Italy is a relief for everyone, but for the White House there are still “big unknowns” on the road to stabilizing the crisis.

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