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Hockey Asiago: Hungarians dominate the ice of Odegar | 7 municipalities online

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Photo: Vito Di Romeo

A bitter start last night for Migros Supermerkati Asiago, which clashed on home ice with the onrushing Hungarians from Hydro Vihervár, and ended up capitulating with a thrilling 0-3 scoreline that left a mark on this start to the season.

Coach Barrasso is ruling out Nick Porco and Giovanni Bertil due to staff turnover and is also forced to let go of Michel Stephane due to a minor physical issue. Absences that were certainly felt during the match, especially the absence of Porco who in the pre-season friendlies showed great imagination in terms of building decisive moves.

The kick-off immediately saw an excellent chance for Raposi, who was served by Saraceno, but he was unable to find the right coordination. The response comes from an assist from Gennaro in the 6th minute in a strong play situation, but the opponent’s goal remains unchanged. The Giallorossi increased the pressure in front of Roy’s goal, supported by numerous penalties against the Hungarians, but they were unable to achieve a breakthrough in the defensive line until an excellent shot from McShane, who recovered shortly after the puck hit the goal. Face to face, he is forced to go out for treatment and is stopped by an excellent intervention from the goalkeeper. Hydro Fehervar’s game became increasingly physical, and Magnabosco, busy near the boards defending the puck, injured his knee and had to temporarily abandon the game. In the next few days we will know how serious his situation is. Raposi served two minutes on a chance trip to Rui and Fazio saved a dangerous situation with his leg in the final minutes of the match.

The central half begins with Asiago having to defend himself in 3 versus 5 due to a penalty conceded by Warner and Rabozzi still stuck in the penalty area, but he only risks closing Laberge and getting through the phase of numerical superiority unscathed. The same striker terrorized Fazio again in the 5th minute with a shot that hit the crossbar. Two minutes later, the Giallorossi tried to build on the strong play. Saracino reached the shooting area from an excellent position, but he failed and everything had to be done again. After returning to numerical parity, the visitors broke through the Stellata defense and took the lead in the eighth minute as Harry ran down the right flank and Fazio sat down and scored the goal 0-1 into the net. Immediately after that, Asiago starts to counterattack with Raposi and Erolo, but Rui doesn’t give them the chance. A few seconds passed on the scoreboard, and once again Asiago came close to equalizing after a melee in front of goal, and the Hungarian goalkeeper’s intervention was once again decisive. Warner was hit with a cane that went undetected by the officiating staff and the unsportsmanlike play of the Hungarians, who went so far as to tickle Fazio’s patience by icing him with brakes a hair’s breadth from his face after a save, which began to worry the home team, and initiated a series of penalties for both teams: Magnabusco served two minutes for tripping , and Gazzola, after three successive charges arranged as a symptom of reaction and not out of necessity, paid for the fourth, which ended on the boards.

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In the third period, Asiago realized they had to deal with a fighting team and the fatigue they were accumulating. The usual brilliance of the spearheads in attack was a bit dull, almost mesmerized by the opposition’s play. During the first half, the Giallorossa had 5 strong plays, without being able to really exploit them: a scenario that we already saw last season and which coach Barrasso will have to work on. Fehervár, on the other hand, was more decisive, credited with well-implemented schemes with clear and precise passes, hitting the post with Fournier in the fifth minute and in the 12th minute taking a 2-0 lead with a shot from Bartales. In the 17th minute, a bad attack on Airolo was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the referees were forced to break up the brawl that involved almost all the players on the pitch. With two minutes to go, Barrasso calls a time-out and the extra man card is played, but as often happens, the opportunity is tempting for Hari, who closes the game with a long-range shot.

Migros Supermercuti Asiago surrenders to Hydro Vihervar, which has 3 points, and turns its attention to Sunday’s away match against Vorarlberg Pioneers.

Results of the first day’s matches

Moser Medical Graz99ers – spusu Vienna Capitals 2-3
HC TIWAG Innsbruck De Hai – HCB Südtirol Alperia 5-1
HK SZ Olimpija – Steinbach Blackwings Linz 2-3
EC Red Bull Salzburg – EC CAC 4-1
Migros Asiago Hockey Supermarket – Hydro Vihervar AV19 0-3
HC Pustertal Wölfe – Pioneers of BEMER Vorarlberg 3-1

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