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Ursa Amarena, tomorrow’s demonstration in Picena

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(ANSA) – Pescara, September 09 – “Tomorrow we will take part in this event in Pescina. These events should not happen anymore. The park is no longer protected as it was before, with Franco Tassi. Today the rules mean that the Abruzzo National Park, Lazio and Molise look alike “Almost the stadium.” And so Pierluigi Vinseguera of Italia Nostra announces that the Assembly will be present tomorrow in Pessina (L’Aquila), from 10 o’clock, in a demonstration in memory of Ursa Amarina, murdered with a gun last week in San Benedetto dei Marse (La Aigle). Details of the appointment in Pescara were clarified during a press conference.
“Institutions, parties, protected areas and citizens have joined the event. We will all be at 10 o’clock in Piscina to remember the Ursa Amarena that has become a symbol of Abruzzo, but also to ask for a new relationship with animals because we are witnessing a climate today, there is a strong antipathy towards wildlife, and we think there may be A new way of coexisting with large carnivores”.
“We will be in Pescina and invite everyone to be there – said Filippo Marchetti of Salviamo Lurso – to remember Ursa amarina and all the wildlife. Salviamo Lurso calls for tougher penalties for those who commit crimes against animals. If the person responsible is brought to trial, we will file a civil case.”
“We want to emphasize once again that we can all save the bear together – starting with the work of the institutions, and above all the work of the park, thus providing maximum support to the Abruzzo National Park,” added Giuseppe Di Marco, President of Legambiente Abruzzo. “, Lazio and Molise. The region must continue to work towards coexistence and we must also work to overcome this critical moment that, in its grief, makes us forced, together with the other federations, to constitute ourselves as civil parties in a possible judicial proceeding.”
Tomorrow’s event attended: Wwf Italia, Lipu, Lav, Enpa, Legambiente, Lndc Animal Protection, Dalla Parte dell’Orso, Salviamo l’Orso, Rewilding Appenines, Sections of Abruzzo of Italia Nostra, Cai Abruzzo, Orso and friends, Dfp Vilavalilunga Social Promotion Association , Le Pine, Cooperative. Ecotor, cup. Il Bosso, FederP.ATE-Confesercenti Abruzzo, Mountain Wilderness Abruzzo, Maiella National Park, Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park, Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area, Green Europe – Verdi L’ Aquila, Italian Abruzzo left. (handle).

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