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Immigrants, ‘Ni, one cannot pass’, this is how Poland closes its doors-

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from Andrea Nicastro

On the border between immigrants pushed by Belarus, which does not want Warsaw nationalism

from our reporter
Hagnoka (Bologna)
Polish policemen in yellow military belts and submachine guns hung behind their back obstruct traffic. “Ni. You can’t pass.” Maybe further? “Ne”. Not even for a walk in the woods? “Ne”. Even without knowing a single word of the Polish language, it is easy to understand that the phrase “nothing, nothing, do not answer” always means no. There is an emergency, the border cannot be visited. Those who do not live outside the checkpoint must return. Agents check documents, but also car trunks. In those who arrive from the Forbidden Zone to discover some immigrants, in those who are directed to the border to play the role of Sherlock Holmes. Why 6 bottles of water? Policemen consult at a glance. Didn’t he want to take them to someone?

Border 4 kmBut it is already necessary to prevent a dangerous agreement with the enemy. There is no point in trying to explain that there are 2,000 defenseless civilians out there, Cold, hungry, not an invading army, and that this is a border, not a trench. ni. In these parts, loyalty to the uniform convinced spears on horseback to charge Nazi knights, not to mention the reluctance of their descendants to attack the freedom of the press.

The result is that the polish bead is working. Some brave humanitarians manage to get past this, however, they are not inclined to reveal their presence so as not to be fired. In any caseAnd the pictures that arrive They were photographed by the same security forces of the two countries in a collision and some mobile phones in the hands of migrants. The world sees what it wants to see. Certainly if there is an illegal refusal of those who are already on European soil and have the right to seek political asylum, they will not be offered to us. It also happens on the Greek or Croatian border or in the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy, between Morocco and Spain. And where there are no witnesses, it is now customary to turn back those trying to jump to Europe.

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It’s a very cold third night for the immigrant tourists who pretend to be attracted to Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, and especially Iraqi Kurdistan. According to the NGO Ocalenie Fundacja, even before this crisis, the corpse of the collapsing person disappeared from hunger and cold.. According to their reports, Poland and Belarus have been returning migrant packages for days. In front of the Polish barbed wire, behind the Belarusian wire. Those who find an opening to continue west are intercepted by the border guards and sent back. It shouldn’t be done, but it should be done. This happened 18 times to Ahmed and his travel companions. Ahmad is a fugitive from Afghanistan now in Germany waiting for asylum and he was able to say so, but the others did not.

It’s sunny. It has nothing to do with the thrills of the night that migrants face, so you can leave your car and walk. TheThe first village is called Hajnowka. It is immersed in conifers thirty meters high, vegetable gardens and wood piles, but in this idyllic setting, politics is much closer than it seems. Here, as everywhere, hospitality and walls Europe coexist.

Tomorrow (today for the reader) is Polish Independence Day, red and white flags at every window. The national intoxication provoked by the majority party Pis (Peace and Justice) has been going on for months. For Warsaw, Polish law should prevail over European, Abortion must be banned, gender fluidity disappears and entire provinces declare themselves “gay-free.” Brussels responded harshly to the national challenge, and in response Kaczynski threatened Polexit, to leave the European Union. The Belarusian enemy under the Russian shadow Immigrants understood perfectly how to pressure voters into Pace.

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In Hagnokka, all women wear a headscarf, but this does not bring them closer to Muslims, on the contrary, Halina Antonuks is really afraid of them. “What do they want from us? Do we welcome them and then blow themselves up in a yard? Let them stay in their home. Different language, different religions, different customs. Already with these few on the border there is all this chaos, if we open the doors this is World War III.”

Juana lives nearby, but prefers talking to herself in front of her red-roofed house. “We see them, of course we do, walking in line at the edge of the forest, and those like Halina call 112 to get them back. Others don’t, on the contrary, they offer something to eat, maybe it’s hot. When there are kids what do you do? Do you turn around?” At night, just follow the green lights in the windows overlooking the forest. It’s a welcome sign, immigrants know it».

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