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from space! Here’s how an astronaut captured the December 2021 solar eclipse

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Last Saturday, Heaven presented us with one of the most awaited shows of the year, The Solar Eclipse in December 2021An astronaut managed to catch it from space.

It is worth noting that the astronomical phenomenon December 4 It was the only one of its kind that happened all this year, plus it can only be seen in Antarctica.

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It was time Luna I stood in front of him Sol Overshadow the Terra, he was there total solar eclipse.

That is why scientists are eagerly waiting for the astronomical event, since we will not be able to see us in that region until … 2039 Circa.

It is one of the ways researchers can understand the “great mysteries” orbiting our farthest star as they are collected BBC.

Photo: EFE

Solar eclipse from the International Space Station

This phenomenon was not only seen by Antarctica For astronauts established in International Space Station (ISS) They can also appreciate it.

in this meaning, Kayla Barron, an astronaut for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, commonly known as NASA, Images of our planet when the three spheres align.

Through his official Twitter account, he shared a snapshot of the astronomical event, which looks like a shadow, observed below. Tera.

The astronaut explained that he captured the moment he was in The moon casts an elliptical shadow on the surface of the blue planetWhich she described as a “magnificent sight”.

“Saturday morning, the crew of Flight 66 went to the dome to observe the total solar eclipse that occurred over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.”

Although it was an event in which the sunlight was completely covered, Solar Eclipse in December 2021 Partially seen in regions of the Southern Hemisphere.

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