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Canada | Italians Abroad Francesco Bisignano is MAIE’s new coordinator in Toronto

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Canada | Italians Abroad Francesco Bisignano is MAIE’s new coordinator in Toronto

Francis Bisignano He is the new coordinator of MAIE in Toronto, Canada. A very successful entrepreneur, he works in the restaurant industry: the most famous and highly appreciated Italian restaurant chain in the city. Along with his own entrepreneurial team, he also owns several ice cream shops. Admired by all who know him, Francesco is considered one by all Ambassador made in Italy On Canadian soil.

“I am very happy to become a part of the big family Collective movement of Italians abroadAs an Italian in the world I identify with myself completely Among the values, ideas and projects that MAIE has carried out over the years”, Bisignano comments, then he adds: “I can’t wait to get to workIn order to create a strong and organized MAIE network in Toronto, we can give Affirmative responses to societyIt feels neglected for too long”, he concludes.

Satisfied Vincenzo Odoguardi, Vice President of MAIE: “I know Francesco Bisignano and I admire his human and entrepreneurial qualities. I firmly believe that He can make his invaluable contribution to the movement, specifically for the benefit of Toronto’s Italian community. Good job Francesco, also on behalf of the President of MAIE Ricardo Merlo”, concludes Otocardi.

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