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From Calabria to Canada in search of the future, a dedicated effort for immigration wins in Toronto

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Calabrian cultural activities are resumed in Toronto, and they do it from where they left off, From the Vallelonga-Monserrato Club, directed by Totò PileggThe. In recent days – reads a press release – handled by the Vallelonges Association in Chateau Le Jordin Their settlement, from the late 1800s to the present day, With the participation of the professor Antonio Gullassi The book, published by the Toronto Association, was published by Paolo Irullo, co-ordinator of “La Lumera” magazine. Nicola Byron And Professor Celestino de Julis. At the initiative of the young children and grandchildren of the immigrants, they were able to hear reports on their history, some of which were awarded scholarships each year by the Plague-led association. [Continua in basso]

Themes of immigration

Even in the living room Representatives of Lamezia Terme, San Nicola da Crissa, Chiaravalle Centrale, Maierato, As well as the Calabria Region Consultant Nicola Isabella. There is also a political party represented by several Italian-Canadian entrepreneurs and Councilor Mike Cole. He did not appear for corporate responsibilities Mayor of Vallelonga Ekidio Cervello, Despite the weather warning affecting its country, it has been linked to streaming and has not diminished its support.

Integrated functionality by Vince Blake And opened with greetings President Dodo Blake, Who, in order to thank the speakers, launched a new message to the Calabria region to pay more attention to the associations that are being spent to promote this land, free of charge: “For the first time – the club president commented – a consultant took part in one of our activities, for which we thank him, but You have to be careful when appointing because you often choose people who do not enter an association like ours. Today’s attempt will resume after the confusion caused by the corona virus. We did not try to organize in the best way possible, thanks to the speakers from Italy, the mayor who is here with us and everyone who attended.

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Palazzo Castiglion-Morelli is used as a cultural home

During his speech, the mayor of Vallelonga extended his congratulations By launching an initiative that covers the entire diaspora world, It will have its own space inside the Palazzo de Castiglion-Morelli, which will be used as a cultural home.

The results were handed over after a tour of the Vallelonges colony told in the books and pages of La Lumera magazine. Professor Antonio Gullassi Lived in the latest issue of “Vallelonga e La Lumera” written in both Italian and English. Started from here The idea of ​​collecting expatriate items for the next project that the club will highlight. Finally, a scholarship was awarded by the club, which went: Andrew and Matteo Sardelliti, Olivia Nadal, Luca and Alessia Plecki, Isabella Ducey.

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