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The Pogba Documentary is the worst movie on IMDb

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Paul Pogba – again – took the front pages. And not just because his impending return to Juventus occupies so many spaces in the transfer market story, and it could not have been otherwise, in these months without football. In Amazon Prime, in fact, the miracle, a documentary series that follows the former United midfielder now on the pitch, at home, in the dressing room, on vacation, to show a more realistic, human and intimate side, even in complex moments, for example those who have experienced the disappointment of being eliminated from a tournament Europe 2020, or the doubts and frustrations of the difficult renewal of negotiations with United – which then drifted permanently. In short, the series aims to present Pogba as a character, a footballer but also a businessman, a style icon who even dreams of an acting career in the United States.

The results of this process, at least for the time being, do not look very encouraging. On the “Internet Movie Database” website, better known as IMDbthe most reliable for information and judgments on different and possible movies, actors and TV series, and miracle she has lowest rating Of all the current shows: up to 1.0 out of 10. Of course, the series was released for only one week, and it has plenty of time to catch up, but for sure these first days the reviews were really negative: up to 6 thousand people, 94, 7% of the sample Surveyed by IMDb assigned only one point – the lowest possible mark – to work.

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In some reviews, the . file miracle It is defined as ‘delusional’, ‘a work in which Pogba appears to be obsessed with self-cult’, ‘nonsense’, ‘lousy’, ‘horrible’. By scrolling through the worst rating page, it turns out that many of the contributions were written by people – Manchester United fans? Who do not particularly like Pogba as a footballer. And in fact, in addition to insults, many reviews talk about his talents on the field (“a selfish and poor player”), how he is told and perceived from the outside (“an exaggerated person”), in short, things that go into little in the way of dealing with Cinema and media products and collects opinions on the most interesting products.

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