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Single credit: 2,400 euros for staff and 800 for living costs – economy

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Unicredit’s New Generation Turnover: Late yesterday evening, Fabi and other trade union organizations signed an agreement with the company laying out a plan aimed at allowing, on an exclusively voluntary basis, the motivated exit of 850 workers and workers, and at the same time, hiring 850 young people without Age 35 years. Thus, a perfect balance is maintained, with a ratio of one to one, between departures and new appointments, who will be directed, in particular, as specified in an agreement for the commercial network. With regard to departures, requests from employees eligible to retire by December 31, 2029 will be taken into consideration.

The agreement reached between Unicredit and the unions regarding the turnover also provides for an important economic recognition of disbursement for all employees in the Italian periphery for a total amount of 2,400 euros which includes 800 euros unspecified in the form of sponsorship (the so-called ‘cost’)-lifetime bonus ) Paid with December 2022 salary.

The figure also includes a one-time productivity bonus (Vap 2022) of €1,510, again as a luxury (€930 for those who choose to pay salaries) and a dental policy contribution of €88.70. The agreement also relates to company-funded training being evaluated and centralized, new professional personalities to the business network and aligning parental leave with the National Collective Labor Agreement.

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