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Apple Watch Ultra is on sale today, how to choose the right model

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The Ultra, the smartwatch that Apple is taking on Garmin, arrives on sale today. Apply 3 weeks ago, time Significantly different from previous models (But also from the new Watch Series 8, presented at the same event.)

The differences are many and point in one direction: finally offering a watch that covers every sport, even the most dangerous activities, and both On our wrist in every situationIn everyday life, in sports, at the summit and in the depths of the sea. All at a price in line with the most popular competitors.

Watch Ultra: Dimensions

The Watch Ultra case is now made of space titanium only and in one format, the 49mm that allows you to have Slightly bigger screen of the traditional brothers. Measurements talk about 1.92 inches against 1.69 of the smaller Watch Series 8 (41 mm) and 1.8 of the larger (45 mm). The surface is now flat and the brightness is double: 2,000 lumens versus 1,000. We add that the increased volume will also be welcomed by those with an important wrist.

Dimensions go with one Heavy construction. The Digital Crown is now more comfortable and protected as the watch operates from -4 to 55 degrees and goes down without a shot to 40 meters (maximum recreational diving).

Apple Watch Ultra and Sports

However, the heart of the Ultra is its athletic performance. Previously, those who engaged in diving, running, and high-altitude sports generally owned a Garmin (or even Garmin) In technological equipment, Ultra now wants to do everything on its own.

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For those who go underwaterNow, the watch is like a diving computer. Thanks to the Oceanic + app, you can snorkel with snorkels or snorkel free up to 40 meters And to look at all the parameters that matter to us such as depth, rate of climb and safety stops (using Bühlmann’s decompression algorithm). We can then plan the dive based on the atmospheric weather and marine conditions, and as soon as they come up we have a digital idea to share.

Apple Watch Ultra for diving

Let’s go (run) to Earth. for runners In fact, sophisticated parameters such as stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation and strength arrive in the run. For those who know no bounds, Multi-sport training It detects when we’re swimming, cycling or running and switches between them automatically. A wink for those who are happy in a triathlon or duo.

and now Climb to the height but in safety. The precise dual-frequency GPS, right here on its debut, allows you to monitor segments, segments, and elevation while the compass has been completely redesigned. As we walk (or run) we can identify intermediate stages while running Track Your Steps Function It uses GPS data, in effect, to make the path in reverse. All this even if we are offline.

Apple Watch-Ultra-Green-Alpine-Loop-Compass-Waypoints-220907

Temperature and emergency

In emergency cases, we find assistants: one in case of loss or injury 86 decibel siren It allows you to grab attention while the new satellite connection makes us send a help message even when we don’t have a phone call. The three built-in microphones, with the help of machine learning, promise clear calls in any situation by reducing ambient and wind noise. Also interesting is a thermometer (or body temperature detector) that works only at night.

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Those who want to use a smartwatch for their adventures should always be able to count on it, thus extending autonomy. Basically, it announces Watch Ultra 36 hour autonomy But Apple introduced a power saving feature that reduces GPS readings and heart rate to extend them up to 60 hours.

Apple Watch Ultra: Models

Apple Watch Ultra Trail Loop Alpine Loop Ocean Band

If the situation is still the same, tapes varyEach one is for a specific function, while the price is always one, €1009.

Trail Loop (first pictured) Designed for endurance sports. Available in black or blue/gray and yellow/beige, it is the lightest strap and has a tab closure.

Here you will find Watch Ultra with Trail Loop

Alpine ring (center) is “Explorers” (as Apple says). Seamless, it has a durable G-ring and is offered in three colors: green, universal orange and white (dubbed “Galaxy”).

Shop Watch Ultra with Alpine Loop here

ocean band (The one on the right) is for water sports and diving. Made of flexible fluorescent manometer (the “rubber” of many marine equipment) it dries quickly and has a stretch to adapt to even a suit. The colors instead are black, white and yellow.

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