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3500 euros immediately to modify your car | Government gift for Italian motorists

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To change the engine of an old car, the state provided a bonus of 3,500 euros. Let’s find out what it is.

Retrofit Bonus

Today, on the street, the world of eco-mobility is moving away from the population. In a few years, it will be necessary to get important feedback from the countries of the world towards this way of moving, regarding pollution in cities. This model will be useful to better address the current climate issue. Changes have to be faced in every way, and this is one of the best to use, given the high use of fuel vehicles on the road.

In the past, people used to change their car’s engine to change it from gasoline or diesel to methane. This use has long been made to save fuel cost expenditures embedded in people’s pockets. Even if the impact of methane on the environment is less impressive, there is an electrical model that helps avoid the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment.

Because of the environmental transformation that is taking place, everywhere in the world, in order to reach a target by 2050 suitable to save the planet from climate warming, countries are helping in this regard. In Italy, at the moment, a series of bonuses is gentlemen. The state provides them in various sectors, to support families and different sectors that need a radical change.

How much is retrofit bonus and what means can be used

There is still no law that also affects motorcycles, because they also need to be changed. Not all car models will be affected by this bonus, but only some. Savings can be up to 60% of expenditures with a maximum of 3,500 euros. The cost of such a transformation is usually quite high, but such struts can help change owners of old models.

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Heavy-duty vehicles and all engine modifications made in 2021 are also affected. The marine world is not yet interested, but many news awaits.

Change the engine to the Beetle
Change Beetle Engine (web source)

The reward will be paid for the following categories: M1G, M2G, M3G and N1G in addition to M1, M2, M3 and N1. Therefore, as stated in the Ministerial Standard, “All the internal combustion engines that will convert to electric drag”.

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