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Category III, Group A. At Villa Santo Stefano, Tofano Calcio scored three more very important points

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An important and difficult win for the away guests. At Villa Santo Stefano, Tofano Calcio wins on a field that is not easy at all. It all happens in the first half with a beautiful goal Giovanni ParavaniHis fifth goal in five matches and the first goal Mattia Fiorlita To seal the double thanks to an elaborate choral work. Cesare was impressive in saving the score on at least three occasions.

the Tufano football He had to maintain third place in the standings and he knew that he would not make any mistake in the match due to the pressure of the direct competitor in third place. Monte San Giovanni Campano Guest the next day directly in Santa Maria, Empress of Tufano.

Very slow start, perhaps also due to an almost spring day which weakens the legs a little and makes itself felt due to the temperature.
It took 20 minutes before Tofano Calcio took the lead thanks to a beautiful goal by Giovanni Paravanethe.

And the twenty tow When Celenza invents a vertical pass to find the right lane for Parafani who, after controlling the ball, goes past the goalkeeper with an elegant sombrero and directs it into the goal. For him, 5 goals in 5 matches. 1-0 to Tofano.

In the 27th minute Another opportunity for the visitors from a corner kick, but Finocchio's play was blocked by the home team's defender.

2-0 Fiorlita
In the 35th minute, great teamwork from the visitors: in four touches, Tufano doubled the lead. Spadorcia, served by the defence, finds Moro on the left wing with a wonderful shot past the defender, the left-back takes control and fires a low shot into the middle for the onrushing Fiorlita who first, without hesitation, kicks a cross to find. The first goal of the season is valid for the team 2-0.

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Mattia Fiorlita

Minute 38
Tufano's maneuvering is now more fluid and the plays follow each other: Celenza sees Piacentini free on the right flank and sends him an accurate throw, the winger puts in a tense cross in the middle but Finocchio shoots high, eating 3-0 from a good position.

Minute 39
Unleash Tufano. One-two Paravani-Moro-Paravani but the striker couldn't find the back of the net.

to 42 Cesare takes the stage with the first big tackle to save the score. With the visiting team out of defense, Moreau loses the ball in the attacking midfield, and rival No. 5 Mangnant takes advantage of the green-and-white full-back's mistake, prepares the finish and hits a wonderful shot from a distance. Where Cesare in a plastic trip “save” the match. A wonderful intervention by the visiting goalkeeper and the score remained 0-2.

Francesco Cesare made a great save in the 42nd minute of the first half

45' minutes
Piacentini failed to find enough time to serve in front of the net after a beautiful cross from Moro from the left side.

Minute 46
Moro, with a cunning shot, tries to surprise directly from a corner kick. Big panic for San Rocco.

The partial score is 0-2 and the two teams return to the locker rooms at the break.

The second half begins again with San Rocco more convinced, and in the first ten minutes he makes three dangerous moves:

Minute 48
Punishment for San Rocco. Leo shot towards the goal, but the ball was blocked by the goal. On the second attempt, Celenza touched the ball with his hand inside the area, but the penalty kick was rejected. According to the ruling, the arm was attached to the body.

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50' minutes
San Rocco tries again from outside the area with Petrelli firing a good shot with the left foot but misses.

Minute 52
Leo tries again from close range, and Cesare, with a double intervention, decides and saves the result again.

Minute 54
Tufano also returned to the scoring zone. Moro on a corner kick finds Potenziani, who shoots well but is very weak and the goalkeeper clears it for a corner kick.

Minute 59
Cesare performs poorly on opponents' counterattacks, leaving the goal unguarded. Saving Moro when he returned to the attacker was an act of providence.

There were several counter-attacks by both teams and several errors that highlighted a bit of tension on the pitch. The fans add to the atmosphere and the tennis ball even flies across the court.

Minute 75
Maniccia after a nice serpentine from the baseline has the opportunity to make the score 3-0 but in both conclusions he could not throw it.

In the last minutes San Rocco desperately tries to score but nothing can be done. Yes, it ends with a score of 2-0 for the visitors.

“It is really pleasing to see that the initial project is achieving the desired results – Go to, explains Tufano sporting director Calcio Enrico – What seemed at the beginning of the year as a bold and risky choice, has become a very successful one: I am very happy to have Mr. Imperia with us, together with his team, they are providing an excellent tournament and the results are proof of their work. He has conveyed his vision for the game and the boys follow him completely. It was not easy for him to gain respect immediately, but he succeeded in showing his value, ideas and ambitions. The bet won!

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Enrico Bassa

“Thanks to sports coach Santino Imperia, the team is in enviable physical condition, which is a sign of sufficient knowledge and careful planning. And nothing less – Enrico Bassa concludes – The great work done by goalkeeping coach Finocchio Daniele: The performance of our goalkeeper Cesare is there for everyone to see, and it is also thanks to him, who knows how to train him in the right way through targeted and effective exercises.“.

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