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How much is 5 with a dolphin? Here is the answer. “crazy”

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The historical Italian coin is immediately recognizable due to the very large number of samples made in almost two centuries of “life”: pound In fact, it is not only currency After World War II, widely used in many cases has become iconic, but can boast a much older cultural and economic heritage. Issues like 5 lire Delfino are one of the most pervasive and unique.

New / Old Versions

Specifically, this is the second five cause of the Italian Republic, which has begun to develop new issues in practice since the proclamation of the new type of state (after Referendum of 1946. The first republic is actually 5 lira GrapeIt was built from 1946 until 1950. The following year Grape It was replaced by Delfino, an issue that was actually minted for another 50 years.

How much is 5 with a dolphin? Here is the answer. “crazy”

It is called this name because of the marine mammals that it is heading to straight ahead Of these coins, even more than somewhat popular among collectors or simply “forgotten” in antique furniture or clothes. Made in Italma, a very common metal slug at the time, in addition to Dolphin also depicts a rudder, an indispensable tool for navigation on the other side. The representations are signed by Giuseppe Romagnoli, historical engraver and medalist.

The value is very diverse, as for all monetary issues: these are coins usually worth a few euros even if they are in excellent condition. Among the exceptions are the 1956 editions, the year in which less than half a million were minted (a trifle, given the earlier and later values). This 1956 coin is worth from 50€ (good condition) to 3500€ (condition non-circulating glossyas best as possible).

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Interesting, even if less “money”, is the one that appeared in 1969 which presents the first “1” upside down in the year of the minting, due to a minting error. The value of these versions can range from 10€ (good conditions) to 100 euro (Circumstances non-circulating glossy) during the sale phase.

5 lira dolphin

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