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Italian Football League: Gubbio and Boulevardi in Monopoly: “He asked to leave”

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Gubbio – The transfer market is often unpredictable, consisting of constant fluctuations. This case involves the transfer of Danilo Boulevardi, who moved permanently from Gubbio to Monopoli. It was written about the unexpected departure of the Sicilian midfielder, but as we mentioned, the situation is evolving and changing. Director Minemi also spoke about this over the phone on TRG's “Fuorigioco” program, which aired on Monday evening. “Boulevardi is the player I brought to Gubbio two and a half years ago – explains Minimi – but whoever wears the shirt of our team must be 100% happy and satisfied. Already this summer, before the contract was renewed, he was afraid of the idea. Of changing the air, then he extended the contract and returned all Something. A few days ago he came back asking for a transfer: he had the opportunity to go to a club that can offer much more than us and we allowed it. He has to go.” It remains to be seen, in this final week of the transfer window, whether the right dynamics will be created to further strengthen the midfield package, which was already well-equipped but now finds itself orphaned by a No. 10. And also because the team appears to have found the right balance. For about a month now: the growth of youngsters like Tozzolo, Chirico, Casolari and Mercati – second in tackles won in the entire Serie A – has been there for all to see and now Gubbio is taking over. They enjoy it. It will be important to keep the enthusiasm on track and give more and more continuity to the series of beneficial results that have been achieved: next will be Lucesi and Ves Pesaro, then three matches that could be decisive for the whole season: Pescara at home, Carraresi away and then Entella again in the “Barbetti”.

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