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Hard Days, Review: A dirty, nasty thriller on Netflix

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Hard Days movie review, a Japanese movie (a Korean remake) that takes us into a no-holds-barred confrontation between corrupt cops.

On the night of December 29, Detective Yuji Kudo finds himself driving his car, intending to get to the hospital to visit his mother, who suffers from serious health conditions, when he receives a phone call from his boss informing him of how to investigate Internal Affairs. An alleged corruption ring Which includes his section and in which Yuki himself is also involved; And so he discovers that he will be the scapegoat. A moment later, his cell phone rings again: the hospital informs him of his mother’s death. In the grip of pain and stress, the protagonist accidentally runs over someone running across the road, and instead of reporting it to the authorities, he hides the body in the trunk of a car.

Difficult days 3

The two heroes in a key scene

As we tell you in Difficult days review – The film is available on Netflix – This will be just the beginning of an increasingly exciting and dangerous saga as Yuki risks being drawn deeper and deeper into a shady ring where he nonetheless has the possibility of getting his hands on a large sum of money that could fix the matter once and for all. But Yazaki, a young member of Internal Affairs just out of an important marriage, has also set his sights on this mountain of dirty money, and whose career could depend on finding this large sum before others.

All against all

Difficult days 2

Hard Days: Image from the movie

As you noticed in the synopsis above, there is a lot of narrative material in this synopsis Detective story From the Japanese production, which seeks to evoke the diverse dynamics between the characters in order to ensure a strong entertainment genre. A successful goal, and while never excelling or reaching the heights of originality, Hard Days maintains a good pace throughout its two hours of viewing, even then The final double showdown Which sees the two rivals challenge each other in a fight to the death. The classic ‘good’ of the situation is missing, and none of the different parties involved bring different shades of grey, with evil and greed creeping more and more – with different weights – into the clouded minds of the heroes, transforming the character. Intermittent search for cash (100 million yen!) An obsession that has no clear way outBetween blackmail, kidnapping, and betrayals that confuse the narrative until the end.

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Here and there

Difficult days 1

Hard Days: A frame from the movie

with hard days We are facing a remakewith Korean origin with an almost homogeneous international title A day of hard work (2014) which had a noticeable B-movie spirit, which is partly lost in this Japanese remake and which in some sections ends up taking itself too seriously, with Melodramatic excesses and effective solutions (Just think of the New Year’s countdown at one of the skirmish’s main stages.) However, this new version works better than the Philippine version, which was released two years ago and has the same name as the prototype, and the French version The mysterious witness (2021), also available in the Netflix catalogue. Between despair and madness… The screenplay is tinged with very dark and brutal notes, with a penchant for wholesome and physical violence, as well as adept at surgically building tension: the prologue is an important example of this, a mounting anxiety that leads the viewer to identify, at least in part, with the tortured protagonist, who, for those who don’t have it, is a good person, despite It cannot be said that he is also free from error, in fact quite the opposite. With a comprehensive flashback in the central part to accompany us to the origins of the events, hard days It proves strong enough to stand on its own two feet, even though it doesn’t actually tell us anything new and is limited to rehashing not only the basic story but much of the story as well. Toboy Typical of crime cinema in the land of the rising sun, for enthusiast target use and consumption.


A corrupt cop, fresh out of a private tragedy, finds himself dealing with an agent even more corrupt than himself in this Japanese remake from a Korean production, the third in a few years. As we told you in our Hard Days review, this remake is definitely the best of the revivals, guaranteeing two hours of character-driven exposition, violent and tense at the right point even in its unexpected resolutions, even the confrontation is partially open and tightened just right.

Because we love it

  • Stress is at good levels.
  • Uncompromising genre entertainment.

what is wrong

  • At times the script is over-the-top and angry, and takes itself more seriously than the basic Korean film.

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