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The Ukrainian counterattack on the territories occupied by Russia begins, and the Kiev troops are advancing to Bakhmut

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The long-awaited counter-offensive by the Ukrainian military against the Russians has begun, with the counter-offensive already beginning last night when attacks intensified in the country’s southeast. The departure of Kiev’s reaction was allegedly confirmed by at least four members of the military, including officers, The Guardian reports. Washington Post. Deputy Defense Minister Hana Malyar confirmed the ongoing operation, explaining on Telegram how Kiev forces are advancing in different areas even within a kilometer, while maintaining their positions in Bakhmut, Telegram reported. Corriere della Sera“Wagner’s mercenaries are still in the rear units,” Malyar wrote. “Currently, the fighters are led by the regular army of the Russian Federation.”

Kyiv reaction

Further assurances came from a veteran of the Russian army, Igor Strelkov, a former officer in the Russian security services, who said on Telegram how clear it is now that the counterattack is underway: «Now we can reliably say that the offensive of the Ukrainian forces began 5- 6 days “. The same was announced by Vladimir Rogov, head of the “We are with Russia” movement, according to which Ukrainian forces have been engaged in a large-scale counteroffensive in the Zaporizhia region for at least two days: “Basically, in my opinion,” Rogov told Russia’s Soloviev Live channel, citing TASS. There was an attempted massive counter-attack in your place, up to four days ago.”

Flood after the explosion at the Kakhovka Dam

As the Ukrainian counter-offensive progresses, so does the crisis in the southern Kherson region, where last Tuesday an explosion at the Russian-controlled Kakhovka Dam flooded dozens of villages including occupied territories in Ukraine. Indeed, the flood redesigned the battlefield, with Kiev still accusing Moscow of blowing up the dam specifically to slow down the counterattack.

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