Home entertainment Cinema Italia's documentary about the beloved tramp of Ancona

Cinema Italia's documentary about the beloved tramp of Ancona

Cinema Italia's documentary about the beloved tramp of Ancona

Silhouette of a man in a black coat and hat looking for freedom Piazza Roma and its surroundings. Lips hold the inevitable cigarette. Amberti It “returns” to today's Ancona, which moves around it at supersonic speeds. Contemporary but nostalgic, “Umberto – The Last King of Ancona” tells, through testimonies, poems and interpretive moments, one of the symbols of freedom made in Ancona. After screening at Mole, the film arrives in cinemas: showing at Cinema Italia on Sunday, February 25 at 7pm The film is medium in length, 40 minutes long, written by Tommaso “Tom Tattoo” Buglioni, and directed by Gino Bove. Fabrizio Redaelli takes on the role of Umberto Ceccarini, the city's lovable tramp. Also among the cast are Giulia Morrone and Luigi Alberto Pucci, author of the famous picture of Umberti in the bar. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Pope John XXIII Society.

The movie

The film is sponsored by the Municipality of Ancona and the Marche Region and with the support of the Ancon Nostra Cultural Association. Free admission to the Mole, any proceeds from subsequent performances (dates and theaters to be determined) will be donated to charities at the Pope John XXIII Center. We go back in time with the stories of Rosina Andreoni Gianbartolomei, the owner of the then place on Corso Mazzini that Umberti chose as his headquarters. A space for “stall holders”, who tell tales capable of bringing smiles but also some tears. Dario Cassini, Gianmarco Frasca and Luca Violini interpret in words and music some poems from the collection published by Buglioni in the book “Umberti, the slips of the soul of the last king of Ancona”. Music by Domenica Vernasa, Flavia Stoppa and Tommaso Tittarelli. Luigi “Gigio” Brecciaroli (Radio Arancia) and musician Rexanthony also collaborated.

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