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Postal books, pay attention to the December 31 deadline: details

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Year-end Attention: There is important news and a deadline for postal account book holders

Italian Post Office (Adobe Photo)

Italian Post It is becoming an increasingly innovative company that includes an increasing number of Italians. The combination of state participation and private ownership makes it a business model to follow. the AdsMoreover, it motivates users who, in addition to increasing, expand their services.

Postal books, deadline by December 31

Postal books
Italian Post Office (Adobe Photo)

Latest news about League competition winner. It’s an event that allows you to win a prize of more than 1000 Euro For those with a smart brochure head. friends libretto smart They can try their luck and win a prize prepared by the Italian Post Office. It is located around a electric bike. Model ebike is being “the chapter E-Spike 7.1 lady”, worthy €1.099Value added tax included. Available 130 bikes To grab the lucky ones.

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Winners will be drawn and the drawing will take place by January 31st. The bikes will be delivered to 130 lucky residing in Italy. Sharing is simple. it is necessary IBAN Affiliate to your smart brochure. The link can be made online at, from the BancoPosta app or at all post offices in the region. The assembly can be held from November 3 to December 31. It wasn’t long until the competition deadline.

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To participate, however, it is necessary to make a transfer of at least 1,000 euros to the brochure. The transfer must start from the linked Iban. In any case, Poste Italiano invites you to refer to the regulation on its portal for more information. the Regulations Alternatively, a consultation can be done by calling the customer service available at the toll-free number 800185490. The service is active from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm and is free for calls from Italian territory from landlines and mobile networks.

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