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Filming in the lake, close-ups of the man

Filming in the lake, close-ups of the man

The Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo will again be the protagonist this year, with its media house Cinematografo, at the fair. The Venice Biennale International Film Festival, in its 80th edition, is scheduled for the Lido, from tomorrow, August 30 to September 9, 2023. Alberto Barbera exhibition (with Roberto Cecotto, President of the Biennale) which opens this evening at the Palazzo Cinema de la Lido with a screening of a film Leader by Eduardo de Angelis, starring Pierfrancesco Favino, and is the first of six Italian films competing in the official selection. A rich presence of foreign stars such as Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Liliana Cavani who will receive the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement from the hands of Charlotte Rampling Who will honor during the opening ceremony tomorrow evening, Godmother Caterina Moreno (live on Rai Movie and on Rai Play from 6.45 pm), in the presence of Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano. Liliana Cavani presents her latest film Out of Competition today time arrangement.

The cinema space and cinema terrace of the Atlas Concorde will open tomorrow evening, starting at 6:00 pm. The protagonists of the film are the pianist Isabella Torso, with a concert dedicated to the soundtrack and cinematography of the authors, and DJ Joe T. Fanelli. The “Spazio Cinematografo” (Sala Tropicana 1 at Hotel Excelsior, Venice Lido) is designed to promote cinematic culture through its own events, projects and editorial products, and by hosting events organized by institutions, cultural organizations and companies operating in the world of cinema. Cinema.

¬ęThis year, in honor of the 95th anniversary of the birth of the Rivista del Cinematografo, we have approached our headquarters in the Lido on the occasion of the “Spazio Cinematografo” Film Festival, to tell the story of the evolution of this glorious publication and all our activities towards a single, modern and dynamic multimedia center. Monsignor David Milani, President of Ente dello Spettacolo -. The “Spazio Cinematografo” will be a place of knowledge, discussion and meeting on cultural, artistic, journalistic and industrial themes of cinema, in the style of Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo. This dialogue presence embodies the mission entrusted to us by the Italian Bishops’ Conference: to promote cinema as an instrument of knowledge of man and the world, as an opportunity to promote justice and solidarity, as a means of creating beauty and building society. “Our space” also presents itself as a “home” to many institutions, individuals and media from the Catholic world who are involved in the audiovisual sector in many ways and who recognize in us the opportunity to bear witness to their cultural vitality and potential. research, thinking and development.

The calendar of events at the Spazio Cinematografo culminates in the film screening party The Robert Bresson Prize, now in its 24th edition, will be awarded on September 7 to director Mario Martone, By Ente dello Spettacolo and Rivista del Cinematografo Sponsored by the Department of Culture and Education Represented in Lido by the Governor Cardinal Jose Tolentino de Mendonca and the Communications Department of the Holy See, represented by the Governor Paul Ruffini. In addition to Roberto Ceccotto and Alberto Barbera, Senators Lucia Borgonzoni was present. And in the evening of the same day, a private conversation between Mario Martone and Cardinal Tolentino de Mendonca, inside the Pavilion of the Holy See at the Biennale of Architecture, in the Monastery of San Giorgio – Campania della Vella: the meeting Social Friendship: We meet in the parkmoderated by Aldo Cazzolo, and promoted by the Department of Culture and Education, the Ente dello Spettacolo and Benedicti Claustra Onlus.

The collaboration with Giornate degli Autori has been renewed, adding the participation of NABA, the new Academy of Fine Arts, through which Cinematografo brings to life the first edition of Giornate degli Autori. The “Le vie dell’immagine” award will be awarded to the great Iranian artist, photographer and director, Shirin Neshat. Francesco Bruni will receive the Familia Christiana award: Since last year, the weekly magazine has been presenting its award in Spazio Cinematografo to that director who investigates human existential questions through his works. The Pianegonda Special Prize will be presented at the Spazio Cinematografo to honor the talented Italian new director and actress: Michaela Ramazzotti.

For Spazio Cinematografo, the important thing is renewed In collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and the Instituto Toniolo, Propose events that aim to combine research and study with practical experience in the field of cinema-related communication. Related to the same world events promoted by sa Avvenire and TV2000. Afghan women’s resistance The title of the documentary and the Avenir meeting on September 6 tell how knowledge spreads, despite everything, and infects societies that resist, with a presencePosted by Avenir Lucia Capuzzi, directed by Alessandro Galasi: the story of a journey (with a lesson in journalism) by Avenir to the “School that Doesn’t Exist”. A few hours’ drive north of Kabul, a local association is letting 900 girls study for free. The best prepared students, in turn, become a source of inspiration and cultural enrichment in their villages.

Disability, climate change, childhood, war, legality. These are some of the topics covered in the documentaries that Tv2000 will show in Spazio Cinematografo on September 8, present among others Tv2000 CEO Massimo Porfieri and Network Director Vincenzo Morgante. There are three proposals from the CEI anchor: in blue by Gianni Focage and Beatrice Bernacci; Lullabies in wartime By Giuseppe Carrieri; Watch Hope: The Gentle Audacity of Don Pino Puglisi, Curated by Fausto della Seca, Valeria Castrucci, Serena Cirillo, and Giuseppe Cutrona.


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