June 9, 2023

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Pro-Russian Film About the War in Ukraine with Fake Zelensky Labs, Nazism and NATO – Photos

Belarusian opposition media back Makes it known that in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic Lugansk Filming a war movie entitled polite people. According to some footage posted on Twitter in the film, it is possible to admire an actor playing a role Volodymyr Zelenskyand soldiers with swastika and even a Biolab. This last circumstance must be explained: from the beginning of the war in Ukraine In fact, there are many Russian-made conspiracy theories on the subject. who claim that there are laboratories in the country” BoyHe is occasionally accused of various atrocities. How for example After I created the monkeypox. And not only this: theories have it I touched From time to time steel mill AzovstalGhost production biological weapons and attend alleged year Then the Russians “arrested” them in the basement. All nonsense, but great material for the plot of the movie. A final note on the title of the movie. It literally means good people But the phrase remember Even the separatist slogan was reproduced even on some T-shirts by fans of the self-proclaimed republics. Last August, Ukrainian journalist Artem ViscoRadio channel operator in the region Luganskit ended up in one controversy To wear it while working in a shopping mall.

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