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“A message to Putin and the world” –

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to Viviana Mezze from New York

The first trip of the Ukrainian president outside his country since the beginning of the war. Nancy Pelosi has already warned all parliamentarians that they will meet in joint session

From our New York correspondent – Volodymyr Zelensky’s prediction White HouseToday, Wednesday, December 21, I will meet Joe Biden for the first time face to face Since the beginning of the war. and then, in the evening, he is expected to speak before Congress meets in joint session. This was reported by anonymous sources in Congress and the government, and confirmation arrived from the White House at dawn on Wednesday. A senior Biden administration official said at a briefing with a small group of reporters that the visit is a message to Putin and to the world. Then he added that the US president’s intention is not to push Ukraine into an agreement: his principle: Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine.

The Ukrainian leader tweeted: I am on my way to the United States to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience and defense capabilities. In particular, the President of the United States and I will discuss cooperation between Ukraine and the United States. He will also deliver a speech before Congress and a series of bilateral meetings.

This is the first time that the Ukrainian president has left his country since February 24. Several sources indicated US Axios website The night the Capitol Police were beefing up the security forces Security measures to visit. Axios website mentioned some paragraphs of a letter sent by the Speaker of the House to the Representatives. Nancy Pelosiwhere all members were required to be physically present at our Wednesday evening session on Tuesday morning, to Concentration Very particular about democracy. In fact, the fear was that they would leave to end of the year holidays.

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The Ukrainian president is expected Thank Congress For aid allocated so far for the war in Ukraine and explain the need for it additional military support. Beyond the clamor for and for the Kyiv leader’s symbolic journey beyond his country’s borders after 300 days of conflict photo effectThere will be very specific topics on the discussion table. Biden and Zelensky will talk about the new package during their face-to-face meeting military aid to Kiev which also includes Patriot missiles. This was reported by sources familiar with the visit to CNN.

He wants to be Call To the new Congress that takes office Jan. 3 with a slight Republican majority in the House of Representatives, including several Representatives from Freedom block to openly skeptical far-right current expenses for war. The trip is also a message to Putin: the United State and theUkraine They will stay United until the end of the conflict. Biden announces $1.8 billion in new aid for Security From Ukraine, CNN predicted, which adds up to the $20 billion provided so far, as Congress prepares to approve the budget that provides for another Kyiv $45 billionmore than the president himself requested (includes 20 billion in military aid and money to restore the Pentagon’s arsenal, depleted by the arms shipment to Kyiv; 6.2 billion to strengthen the American presence on NATO’s eastern flank; other money to supportEconomie and refugees).

The President of the United States was against Supply of Patriot missiles At first, but he was convinced after the constant bombing of Ukrainian infrastructure and also because of the possibility of Russia enriching it arsenal with Iranian ballistic missiles; In the new Military Assistance package there should also be kits that allow you to craft smart bombs different range Already in the possession of Kyiv, through GPS systems to aim and hit accurately (Washington asserts that there is no danger
escalation because it is relatively short term). The visiting opportunity has quickly made itself known over the past few days. Zelensky will also meet with some officials of the Russian Federation National Security Council White House.

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A spokeswoman for Ukrainian President Yulia Mendel posted a picture of the girl on Twitter Ukrainian flag The soldiers handed it over to Zelensky to Bakhmut. They asked him to present it to the US Congress. He promised to deliver it to the President of the United States. Biden and Zelensky spoke several times on the phone at this point Ten months of war: they often complimented each other, but there were also moments Voltage, just as the Ukrainian president accused Western allies of not doing enough, despite aid arriving from Washington. when Zelensky spoke to Congress remotely last March, noting that I darkest days From American history, incl Pearl Harbor And the On September 11th
. We’ll see what Ukraine says now in the dark while Americans celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

This is the flag that the Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut gave Zelensky. They asked him to pass this flag to the US Congress. He promised to pass it on to POTUS .

– Iuliia Mendel December 20, 2022

Dec 20, 2022 (changed on Dec 21, 2022 | 08:02)

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