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Pioltello becomes a green city “build green space” Go in search of benefactors

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Pioltello becomes a green city “build green space” Go in search of benefactors

by Barbara Caldirola

Eight thousand new trees already planted and five gardens, two of which have just cut the ribbon – Centrale and Bosco between Seggiano and Rugacesio – Pioltello, the green city, opens spring with a collective campaign to recruit philanthropists to take care of the plants and flowers scattered throughout the city. The initiative is called “Adopt a Green Space,” and since its launch yesterday, posters are everywhere, while appeals multiply on social networks with calls for associations, merchants, and companies to “save time and money for the cause.” Match advisor Paola Geringelli says a new phase has begun: “Now we need everyone’s help, from now on we aim to involve the whole community, groups and individuals must take care of their territory with the commitment to make Pioltello ever more welcoming and why not, more joyful.” Our green heart for everyone will be the best business card. “For us, commitment to the environment is not a slogan, but a reality that everyone can touch – adds Mayor Yvonne Kosciotti -. In recent years, the administration has believed in it, invested and is still working on increasingly imagining and building attractive neighbourhoods. A concept that leads to identity “Between the city and the community, our social fabric is very much alive. It participates with proposals, sometimes with useful critiques, in the construction of each project. This initiative is also part of the important participatory process that in the years we have developed with all the citizens who are increasingly becoming protagonists Pioltello’s Metamorphosis”.

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