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Is it possible to make the right decision? Science says yes

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Every day we are faced with choices, some of which are minor that we can take lightly and Others are bigger It is destined to change our lives forever. And that is exactly when we realize the potential consequences of some of the decisions we stay in. Literally paralyzed from fear.

It’s the right choice? We keep repeating ourselves while We postpone the moment of work indefinitely For then we know that regret, remorse and guilt, when things do not go as we had hoped, are destined to become the terrible companions of our life’s adventure.

But the truth is that as far as we are committed Examine all the pros and cons of the decisionWe cannot predict the future. Nothing and no one will ever guarantee us that the choice is really the right choice because there are inevitable things that are beyond our control. however, According to science, making the right decision, or at least approaching it, is possible. And it’s always a great find.

The choice is never easy

choice, especially when there are feelings and people at stake, It’s never easy. On the contrary, it is much simpler Don’t make decisions and struggle with them. There are many people who are paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes or changing their habits, and would rather not make a choice and let life and others do it for them. But by not acting, we stop being the active heroes in our lives, and we give everyone else a strength that should always be ours.

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So, How can we make the right decision? How can we know that this choice will not really negatively affect our lives and everything related to it? To try to answer this question, we thought Ruth Chang, a philosopher and professor at the University of Oxford who returned to the topic over and over again, provided us with many interesting insights.

Mind you, him It’s not a magic recipe Able to change things or allow us to make any decision with a light heart, but it is a different perspective than the usual one we should all know.

You can make the right decision: Ruth Chang’s word

Researcher Ruth Chang, guest on TED Talkshave repeatedly intervened in the subject in question explaining How to behave Faced with the most difficult decisions that in some way challenge the classical theory, which we all apply every day. According to this, in fact, when we are faced with difficult choices we choose act by following the headExamine the pros and cons and then go where the first is greater than the second.

However, for Ruth Chang, it is not the pros and cons that make the choice the right choice, but Our commitment In pursuing this decision in the present and the future because it is this ability to confirm the reasons and become a source of satisfaction.

According to the researcher, the alternatives are before us They are all precious And no one is better than the other because change itself is better, it is what allows us to take new paths, to experience happiness.

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Believing that one alternative is better than another in difficult choices is wrong according to Ruth Chang, just as it is Prefer the least risky optionBecause we always take risks, through thick and thin. On the contrary, the commitment we put into carrying out our choice can make a real difference.

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