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“Post-Communist Disinformation”. Refute the lies of the left in Europe

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Work is in progress in the European Parliament on the issue of migrants. Despite resistance and propaganda from the left, the centre-right proposals have been accepted and Europe is finally putting an important focus on the issue, after years of silence and denial. We arrived Charles Fidanza, Head of the Fratelli d’Italia – Ecr delegation to the European Parliament, who explained the next steps, many of which were inspired by the Italian government.

Are you satisfied with the result you got yesterday?

“This morning’s vote on the amendment calling on the European Commission to finance infrastructure to protect the Union’s external borders is an excellent sign. Not because the obscurantist right wants to build a Europe of walls, as the left says, but because it highlights that there is finally a new sensibility making its way according to immigration It is not an inevitable fate but a phenomenon that must be regulated.”

What is the advantage of the Italian centre-right in this outcome?

“The text of the expressly approved amendment to the final document of the Extraordinary European Council on Migration last February 9, a document that Giorgia Meloni demanded and received loudly. This government in Europe. Of course, we now expect the Commission to match its words with action, because the numbers today are too great to be able to delay further necessary action.”

The Italian left speaks of “defeat” and yet the EPP amendment passed with a much higher majority than that of the centre-right. Why do you think?

“It is the classic act of post-communist disinformation. They maliciously mixed a vote for the Weber amendment with a vote against the entire resolution on the EU budget for 2024. The left preferred to reject the whole document so as not to see the amendment approved on border protection. It is clear that they are not saying That in the budget their votes were added to the votes of other groups who had other confusions about such a fundamental document, and that they had nothing to do with immigration.In doing so, they broke the “Ursula majority”, which usually always votes compactly on budget documents. Which strengthens us in the belief that The unnatural coexistence of the masses and the socialists is over and it is time to build a center-right majority in 2024. Conservatives and populists, identityists and pragmatic liberals can bring some healthy realism back to Brussels, on immigration policies as well as on the ecological transition.

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Ellie Schlein herself says: Just a publicity stunt?

“They are terrified. After the outbreak of the People’s Democratic Party in Italy, Sanchez and Scholz in Spain and Germany are experiencing a consensus crisis, in Sweden after 70 years of social democracy there is a center-right government, even their beloved Sanna Marin in Finland has been brought home. They tell of Isolated Meloni in Europe, they attack Weber with misleading arguments because they fear EPP will finally leave them. The truth is that the climate has changed and maybe 2024 will mark a rebound of some Pd on the M5S but it could also become a historic caporetto for the European left. We hope so and we’re working on it.” .

What are your expectations today?

“Tomorrow we vote to allow the start of negotiations between Parliament, the Council and the Commission on the so-called ‘immigration package’. A totally insufficient text, which is also ‘prehistoric’ if we want to use the expression of President Mattarella, which does not really discuss the Dublin Regulation and leaves Italy alone in reality To deal with the increased flows. That is why we voted against it in the parliamentary committee. But we have full confidence in our government that will know how to work better in order to improve this text, and therefore we will agree to start negotiations. It is natural that even among our allies in the ECR group , and also among those in the League, there is a greater distrust because many of them do not have government so firm. ‘Melloni’s friends obstruct Dublin reform’ is simply ridiculous, as is the use of the European theater to say that with the emergency a redefinition Special protection, Meloni’s government is allegedly launching an attack on human rights. It’s the usual anti-Italian left. They are pleased…”

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