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Proposal to name a public place after Almerigo Grilz

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“A proposal to name a public place after Almerigo Grilz 70 years after his birth”, is a proposal made by Michele Pisano, leader of the Brotherhood of Italy group in the municipal council of Quartu Sant’Elena.

Almarigo was the first journalist to fall victim to a war theater since World War II. Remembering him and all the fallen journalists is a way to honor those who lost their lives to tell, document, and testify,” declares Pisano, introducing the motion presented at City Council.

Motion text:

Considering that it is the responsibility of the Toponymic Committee to propose to the Council the naming of streets, squares or green spaces and that the Committee itself proceeds, together with the offices, to view continually the status of the various nomenclatures as necessary;

Considering that, once this proper monitoring has been completed, it will be possible to consider the various proposals – including the one made with this motion – to proceed with the nomenclature in the spaces which are necessary;

This proposal is meant to remember the person of Almerigo Grilz, who was born in Trieste on April 11, 1953 and died in Caia, Mozambique, on May 19, 1987. Almerigo was a freelance journalist and war correspondent. In 1977 he registered in the Register of Journalists and later founded the National Center for Audio and Video, where the first services in Lebanon during the conflict were filmed.

Almerigo Grilz takes part in several war scenarios: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Mozambique, then continues to Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. Then he continued in the Philippines, documenting guerrilla warfare and elections.

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In 1983 he founded the Albatros Press Agency, which produced services, writings and videos from different regions of the world involved in guerrilla warfare, revolutions and conflicts. His services have been bought by several newspapers, including CBS, France 3, NBC and TG1, as well as Panorama and Rivista Italiana Difesa.

On May 19, 1987, while he was in Mozambique filming and describing a guerrilla war between the Mozambican National Resistance and the Mozambique Liberation Front, he was hit in the back of the head by a stray bullet. His death was sadly documented by himself, who fell with the camera on his shoulder. His body still lies there, where he died, next to a majestic tree.

Almerigo Grilz turns out to be the first victim of an Italian journalist in a war theater since the end of World War II. A sad record, which will unfortunately be followed by other journalists Marco Lucchetta, Ilaria Albi, Guido Poletti, Marcelo Palmisano, Gabriele Gruner, Antonio Russo, Maria Grazia Cottoli, Raffaele Cirillo, Enzo Baldoni, Fabio Polenghi, Andrea Rosselli and Simone Camelli, not forgetting the operators Alessandro Otta, Dario D’Angelo and Miran Hrovatin;

A movement is made like this

At the end of the monitoring of public places initiated by the Committee on Toponymy and Municipal Offices, it is possible to identify one or more areas to be named after Almerigo Grilz, the first Italian journalist victim in a war theater since the end of the war. World War II, and in memory of all dead journalists.

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