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Father Gildacio Mendes opened the canteen at the Don Bosco Learning Center in Mumbai

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(ANS – Mumbai) – The General Counsel for Social Communication, Father Gildacio Mendes, has opened the new canteen of the Don Bosco Learning Center (DBCL), the learning center in Mumbai’s Kurla district.

DBCL is a higher formation institute for Salesians in Mumbai district, entering every day about 2500 students intending to pursue a career. In this competitive world, students often feel stressed and need a comfortable space to recharge their batteries so they can keep striving for the best results. So the sales team at DBCL decided to equip themselves with a space for students, where they could feel comfortable, and spend time together. So the new canteen was designed to offer the same atmosphere as a pub.

With colorful murals that reflect the essence of Mumbai, DBCL aims to provide a place for students to relax after class. DBCL has always enhanced technical skills, thus this canteen also has an area where students can show their talent for singing, playing musical instruments etc. Students can also display their video documentation of sports and cultural activities on screen, so others know what is happening in the different departments of the college.

It does not end here: environmental sustainability is one of the main goals that DBCL intends to pursue. In fact, the canteen consists of various decorative items and other things that have been recycled and reused. Father McEnroe Lopez, who designed the project, said that every Salesian Institute is a home for young people, encouraging them to become honest people and that every boy feels cared for and develops a sense of belonging to the Institute. He thanked those who worked behind the scenes to make this project a reality. The canteen will provide breakout meals and fresh, delicious and varied food will be served.

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“I find this place really relaxing,” one student commented. “I think it’s a private space,” another young man added. “I’ve never seen anything like this in other universities.”

DBCL has always tried to be more student-oriented and to be a space where young people enjoy learning and growth. The institute continues to provide the best services to students and help them excel. “I came to this college because I knew that the Salesians always gave their students the very best – one student commented – this modern canteen is just a small example of their concern for our well-being.”

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