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Hogwarts Legacy, Trailer Ready But Warner Bros. Afraid of Controversy Over J.K. Rowling? –

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the first tractor from Hogwarts Legacy It’ll be ready, but it looks like Warner Bros. She is reluctant to publish it because she is afraid that new people will appear controversy regarding J.K. Rowling.

The news comes from a from the inside Who seems quite sure of the information he has. After all, there was talk of a new trailer or presentation for Hogwarts Legacy already back in October, and it’s clear that the works in the meantime have been completed.

“Update on Hogwarts Legacy: Material ready,” Millie A wrote on Twitter. “They are waiting for the green light from Warner Bros.Because they have the final say in publishing.

“The problem is that Warner Bros. fears more controversy will arrive about JK Rowling. They know it can happen regardless of whether the trailer is shown, but the current mood is between hesitation and anxiety.”

However, it is clear that if the presentation of the game is ready, the best stage to present it to the public is the stage Game Awards 2021: The event will take place on the night between December 9 and 10, starting at 2.00.

And speaking of magical vibes, the news in the past few hours has been that Sting will perform a song from Arcane during the show.

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