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From Paolo Tomaselli

The former football player, who will be the face of Rai in the next World Cup in Qatar, tells about his popularity as a commentator: They write to me asking for advice on family and health. I think faith has made me better

Mid-eighties, dressing room Very young from Modena. One partner asks the other what he wants when he grows up. Football player answers. His friend urges him frustrated: But why do you really think you can?

and then, Laila Adaniwhat did you answer

Aren’t we here for this?

Always believe it, does it make a difference?

I didn’t have a plan B, I did everything to play football.

Was he a dreamer?

I had a dream related to what I felt in my heart. But I was also very practical and knew that nothing would come to me for free. An attitude towards life that I inherited from my artisan father and my working mother.

Many wonder if she does or does it. Do young people hear before adults that this is true?

I think if, after all, I felt like them, because I was, without idols or examples. I approached football with all the purity and sincerity of this magic. They get a feel for how you treat it and you can’t let them down. They appreciate the attention you give them even in a street exchange. And this follow-up must be respected, and it is a huge responsibility that I feel very often.

How did you feel as a boy in San Martino in Rio?

Totally excited and curious about everything around me. I would never have accepted rejection as an answer to my passion, I would have killed myself. Even as a player I asked for many things with great respect. And I tried to listen a lot: I think this new job as a communicator comes from being able to listen.

What training did the area you were born in?

We are peasants from Lower Reggio, left-wing people who worked and believed in the values ​​of politics in the past, which my father saw in Berlinger: I remember when he opened the refrigerator and said “there are a lot of things”. Everything had to be conquered and a lesson stayed with me: you must deserve everything.

Are football players better than people think?

I think that a footballer, within a human path not yet completed at a young age, must live with idolatry on the one hand and envy and malice on the other. And sometimes you struggle with that pressure. The power of envy is perhaps the greatest evil that exists.

The same envy of those who say that Adani is a prisoner of his nature?

This concept is fueled by others who do my job and don’t take me for who I am, with my arguments, my opinion and my passion. My strength is to have arguments, it doesn’t mean to get approved: I don’t live for approval, I try to live for the sense of right that my arguments provide and I always want to prove it. I feel that those who think differently often do not focus on arguments.

Is it the fault of the binary with Massimiliano Allegri?

I do not believe that. And I don’t even feel like I doubt it. On the contrary, I think it was good for communication in Italy, for the fans and for Sky itself. Contact for me this: An encounter that arouses interest and potential for thought.

How is it prepared?

I don’t have a pre-made plan, I just let myself drift naturally in a game, article, or idea. Today there are many tools that allow you to respect the function of communication.

Bobo TV your statement?

I think it fostered a new way of communicating: the first difference in the fact that we have all the time we want and in that man always appears, with his excess, spontaneity, and freedom. It is almost our company, which departs from the established rules, paying attention to the most important aspect, which is the content. Otherwise, people will not follow you.

You are now also the face of Ray and Bobo TV will land on the most institutionalized channel of the World Cup. Do you risk disfiguring yourself?

The key is to be yourself, without holding on, without managing yourself, and speaking with your head and heart at the times given to you. If it is not so easy: there are many ex-players talking, but the question “How many is interesting?” For me, few.

Do you read things other than football related?

I regret that I did not study, because I had no passion. I have a connection from the street and not from school. I do what I have, to accomplish my mission: bring people closer to football.


I think faith has improved me as a man. God I love and I feel it How do I feel constantly about my poor mother, in a song, in the morning breeze, in a cup of tea. I recognize him everywhere and this is my extra strength. It is not a path of prayer, but a continuous path of approaching God.

Jealous of private life?

I try to protect it and enjoy it in silence. I have been living together for two years and have moved to Milan.

How did the passion for football originate in South America?

From a trip with my ex-partner Almeida. I’ve seen a freer, more brutal kick, similar to the one I had when I was young. Added to this is the magic of Rilato, the story of football. pure poetry My career started with commentary at 4am at the Copa Sudamericana in Sportitalia, with Stefano Borghi. Pure fun, bodily transference, because we all have that kick inside of us: it brings out the child that is in humans.

Doesn’t the child inside her stay still for a moment?

Altrush! in full activity. It is recharged every morning.

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