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“Please let me out.” She has been missing for 4 days

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hours of agony for Alicia PepernoRoman, thirty years old, Arrested in Iran. Yesterday morning, after four days of absolute silence he had never heard of, he phoned the parents who live in the neighbourhood. Alban HillsAli Appiah, crying desperately: “Arrest me, I’m in prison Tehran. Please help me.” The girl told her mother, Manuela, and her father, Alberto, that she had “cheated” to get a chance to notify them of what had happened to her by calling from a phone provided to her. “I am fine, but there are people here who say they have been in for months and for no reason,” she cried, desperately, I’m afraid I won’t go out anymore, help me.” Once the conversation ended, the parents rushed to Farnesina To inform the relevant authorities of the dramatic case. The Foreign Ministry is following up on the case, as is the Italian embassy in Tehran.

Iran protests over the death of Mahsa Amini: a barrage of arrests, including Italians

But last night, it was not yet possible to determine which prison the young woman was being held in. In the Iranian capital prisons They will be many and it will not be very easy to be able to relate to all of them. Alicia, from what has been reconstructed so far, She will be arrested on her birthday, last Wednesday. Early in the morning, he received his father’s call on schedule to offer good wishes. “She was happy, she was waiting for her friends out of their hostel rooms to go together to celebrate the picnic – says Alberto, who owns the Historic Library in Alban Hills, book to book – he was spending the day with a French friend, a magnate and an Iranian girl.” But Alessia’s phone was no longer He sends no signal from 12 noon, even her conversations are still audible at that time. Days are passing by. Parents believe the lines are clogged due to the riots moving the country after the death of the young women maha amini And the Hadish Najafikilled by the regime. But more than justifications are given, they know that Alicia, who is always on the road, constantly contacts them and is looking for them, even if only through messages or social networks. “Had he not called you today (yesterday, editor) – they say – we would have gone to warn Farnesina because in six years of traveling around the world it hasn’t been long without us hearing from each other.”

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the call

On social networks, the family heart sharing appeal: «We immediately moved with Farnesina, and contacted the Italian embassy in Tehran. But we still don’t know anything, not even the reason for the imprisonment. They tell us they’re on the move…we parents, and Brother David, can’t sit idly by. You can’t stand still when a kid says ‘Please help me’…I want you to know and that this news reaches as many people as possible, and maybe it gets to the right person who can help us,’” the father’s post.

Alicia studied at Scientific High School, the fourth year she attended in the United States. Her love for travel for six years has kept her away from home as she returns from time to time. He was in Iran for two months and was waiting to be able to come back Pakistan. But he has also lived in Australia, Iceland, Panama, and Nicaragua, just to mention some phases of his long wanderings around the world. She was also able to work, using an independent American platform that allowed her to organize trips or work as a remote secretary. “Our daughter is a girl who is driven by a love of knowledge of cultures and peoples, and her happiness in traveling – she still tells us at home -. She manages herself in all situations, but she is not impulsive. In fact, she is always very attentive and driven by great moral rigor. It doesn’t touch alcohol or worse drugs. And for this reason more than that, we do not know how to explain what has happened to her.”

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