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Draghi’s move solves the problem

Draghi’s move solves the problem

Electricity and gas bills are expected to rise sharply in the fall.

It’s a real bite very Difficult Which pushes Italians even more forcefully to demand a universal basic income.


The Italians are now demanding basic income, but the political forces and the government don’t want to know. However, really strong help is coming from the government with the bills that can even cancel the electricity and gas bills.

Scan your bills against the sting

Unfortunately, electricity and gas bills will increase significantly in the fall due to inflation and the war in Ukraine They are raising natural gas prices.


On the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Natural gas prices have reached unprecedented prices and this means that energy and gas bills will rise significantly. Precisely for this reason, the government has realized that the famous bill rewards that families can demand of up to 12,000 euros are not enough. Going in this direction is one of the most important but also the most significant environmental measures launched in recent years.

How to get your bills to zero

This meter is the so-called power input. All families with an ISEE of up to €20,000 will be able to apply for energy income. Energy income is a cash offer of €8,500, Which will cover the whole gamut of expenses related to the installation of solar panels. So families in the €20,000 range will be able to request energy income to be able to support them Expenses related not only to the purchase but also to the installation of solar panels. Even the removal of any pre-existing structures can be facilitated by this amount.

Environmental breakthrough helps Italian families

It’s definitely a nice help for families Because it will be through solar panels That Italian families would be able to eliminate the costs of electricity and gas. So the tough bill can really be erased with this bonus. It is true that solar panels only produce energy But by switching to stoves and electric heating, you can also say goodbye to gas users.


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