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“Europe is not ready for war on Putin, sanctions are only destroying us.”

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“Europe is not ready and united to wage war on Putin, and sanctions are only destroying us.”

Paolo Liguori

Do not stain words to analyze the events of recent days regarding

Russian progress

In Ukraine and about the economic consequences that began to appear in many countries.

As European leaders struggle to agree on the sixth sanctions package, which should primarily relate to the oil embargo, the editor-in-chief of

Tekcom 24


“Italy tonight”

where he invokes truth rather than “propaganda that further divides Europe through treaty review”: “The war against Putin unites us, but

Gas divides us

And the

Oil divides us

. It was clear from the first week of the war that there was nothing else we could do, but instead we got into a stalemate that led us to arm Ukraine, with the belief that it would win. But it’s not like that.”

Highlighting how Putin actually won his ‘war, one in


Liguori then elaborates on the ‘good news’ of the day arriving from the USA, namely, Biden’s refusal to send

long range weapons

to Zelensky. He warns: “We are totally


And the


Faced with this situation, the lack of grain and steel terrifies us because without them we cannot build.


It produced six million tons and Italy imported two. Do we want to talk about concrete matters, or do we continue to raise the flags of patriotism and war? “.

Finally, after emphasizing the importance of pursuing the path of diplomacy and suspending arms shipments, he focuses on the Prime Minister’s movements

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Mario Draghi

: “Putin does not want to talk to us,

Italy Limited

Unlike other European countries such as France, Germany and Turkey, which are likely to come to terms with the end of this war.”

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