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Father is violent. He even beat me on my honeymoon

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Sometimes a memoir, sometimes a self-help book, sometimes a nutrition manual. On January 12, “A Woman’s Gotta Have a Plan” was published in Italy, written by May Musk and published by Giunti Editore.

“A girl’s gotta have a plan.” Thus 74-year-old Maye Musk has chosen the title of his book. Released in Italy on January 12 Giunti to the editor. Five chapters, almost 200 pages to tell a life, would have been interesting even without the relationship. Most influential entrepreneur in recent years. A dietician, model and mother of three lived in Mei Eight cities are divided into three countries, leaving her marriage to the wrong man and finding herself time and time again in an empty apartment with a life to rebuild. He was born and married in South Africa and later lived between Canada and the United States. The book is in between Autobiography and Self-Helpwith a final shift toward nutritional counseling.

First person narrator. Very short sentences. Recommendations are inserted in each paragraph. A few examples. “It’s better to be interesting than beautiful. I’d rather say Era Sympathica than Era Bellissima on my grave. “You don’t need style, find a friend who has it”. “Always wear sunscreen! If you don’t protect yourself from the sun, you’re asking for trouble. ” “Eat three apples before a biscuit. First you’ll be full”.

Elon and two brothers Kimball and Tosca

Maye Musk, née Haldeman, fathered triplets in “three years and three weeks.” Elon First, then they came Kimball And Tuscany. Although the most anticipated details of this volume are precisely about the relationship with Elon, we must recognize that Maye Musk She is very defensive Distribution of events. All three children have the same place and, at least from what we can read, the same affection.

In the book, Elon is referred to as a Precocious genius, can already program video games at the age of 12 and send them to field agencies. But there’s talk of Kimball’s focus on cooking, which could lead to him managing a series of restaurants or Tosca’s attention to singing and music. Now he works as a film producer.

Net of equal division, There are a few stories about Elon MuskAlthough the first English version of this memoir is already known since it started circulating in 2019. One of these Maye’s advice to Elon and Kimball While they work zip2, their first company. The company’s plan is to create a road map system with automatic hints on the route to follow to reach the destination. Basically a Predecessor of Google Maps.

“When they set up the company, I tried to travel with directions printed from the plan. I arrived at the difference, but I couldn’t go back because there was no going back on the track – it was full of one-way streets. We needed ways to go back and after my experience the boys put them into the program”.

Zip2 was there Elon Musk’s first win. Founded in 1995, by 1998, it had already collaborated with more than 160 newspapers and magazines, providing a variety of services. In February 1999, it was acquired by Compaq Computer for $305 million: Elon and Kimball earned $22 million and $15 million, respectively. Elon Musk contributed the same year PayPal is installed.

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Family and adventures in the desert

Below are the best parts of “A Girl’s Gotta Have a Plan.” Dedicated to family. There are stories about May’s childhood adventures. A pleasant time traveling in the small plane piloted by his father Joshua Haldeman, a chiropractor with an interest in aviation. Here we also read about holidays in search of lost cities, which are usually left only for children to imagine.

“Every July, when winter sets in in South Africa, my family sets out in search of a lost city in the Kalahari. At that time, Botswana was still called Bechuanaland. Sometimes my father would fly and my mother would follow him in the car. We spent three weeks in the Kalahari desert. The mother took three weeks’ worth of food, water and petrol and five children aboard.

A meeting with Errol Musk

The sweetness of childhood stories Crashed with the arrival of Errol Musk, whom she later married and fathered her three children. It’s called Errol from the start Violent man, beginning with an almost arranged marriage without May’s knowledge. With Elon Musk’s future father, problems already started during the honeymoon.

“He hit me for the first time on my honeymoon. I was shocked. I wanted to leave but I couldn’t. He had my passport”. Or again, during Elon’s birth: “The nurse said to my husband:” She patted his back. That will give you relief.” “What do you mean?” was his reply. “She has to beat me. Look at the poop you gave me. I’m leaving. Call me five minutes before I give birth.

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After ten years of violence, May be able to get a divorce. She moved with her children first to Canada and then to the United States. Errol is no longer mentioned in the book. The man is still alive, he must be 77 years old now, but he does not attract attention. Maye mentions in her book that she met them years later HisErrol’s second wife.

“We went to a cocktail party together where he introduced me to people and said, ‘She’s Maye Musk. She was married to my ex for ten years, and then I went with her for ten minutes. We laughed. People didn’t understand why but we didn’t care. We forgot everything in the laughter. ”.

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